Calculate, Delegate but Consolidate Beyond the Mind

The title of this article may cause the mind to interpret the words as a financial statement. However I can assure you we will be considering our interaction with life consciousness during this discussion. I was recently asked what the word matrix might mean relating to consciousness. Matrix is only a word therefore I have a question that hopefully will help us to go beyond it. Are we dependent on the mind and its ability to calculate our sensory perceptions during a moment of conscious interaction with life?


You will perhaps be inclined to answer this question with a yes, which is fine. The mind is designed to calculate so naturally it will tell you to say yes. However let’s attempt to consciously step beyond the mind and in the same moment also be aware that the mind is still there. It sounds confusing but don’t let thoughts manipulate your state of conscious being. Let’s do what is often referred to as stepping outside of the box.

What could a person observe that would be outside of the minds barriers but yet still use its resources to calmly supersede thought and emotional behavior? What might happen as a person becomes more and more aware of the universe without the mind interfering?

It could be said that this is a way by which we can delegate the energy manifesting through us from mind to an aware absorption of our immediate surroundings and beyond out into the universe. Imagine how your understanding of everything would change as you become more and more aware. Furthermore this will allow object consciousness to reunite with the universe and life energy.

The mind will still calculate and process in the background of our experiences but only with practical impact on our daily activities. Simultaneously we will observe and absorb more and more of this conscious energy flow without the mind applying labels. It will be possible to sense the unfolding of the universe in a cooperative relationship with life.

The Mind Wants to Calculate but Consciousness Knows

This awareness to consciousness will eventually increase exponentially with each moment. The mind will always calculate. However object consciousness will then expand unencumbered outward to reestablish itself in life energy. The mind may gradually become nothing more than a reference point for our human existence. It will continue to define space and matter for human purposes but cause no further distractions in our state of conscious living.

The oneness of life consciousness is similar to having unlimited space to manifest the universe such as a hard drive with millions of terabits. However the mind as a dominating processor of information is programmed to calculate. It diverts incoming and temporally stored data and insists that it be stored on a DVD or USB. Thereby it ignores the vast realm available within the space of unmanifested universal intelligence. The reunion of object and universal consciousness will consolidate this energy allowing it to flow as one.

Best wishes

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