This article can be summed up in a few short words. It is about caring. The next step is to share what you feel. We have unfortunately been existing in a field of mental deception. This can and has resulted in people worldwide “believing” that a few individuals can not initiate any significant change in our habitual beliefs and behavior.


Our conditioned mind patterns restrict the flow of simplified caring without conditioning. We generally remained tangled in a web of deceit concerning our daily existence activities.

It is often quite difficult to feel the life energy flow which is enhanced by acts of caring. Caring is about awareness. It is about feeling what is happening; then reacting from within a field of life. This is something quite different then species caring. Caring from the field of life is parallel to loving from within this field. It is unconditional and free. Species generated caring is often dominated by content aspects, emotions and ego. Differentiating between the two is usually quite difficult.

It is truly those that are “caring” from the sanctuary of life that really do make a difference.

Best wishes

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