CAVNET: Caring People Helping People

This is a follow-up article to a write-up I did recently with the title “Volunteer: A Helping Hand”. I had mentioned in the last article that Mr. Adil Issah has recently acquired a building that will be used as a branch office for CAVNET. The main office is located in the Wa Municipality in Ghana. The work done by CAVNET is sponsored through volunteers and contributions.


Adil is the Executive Director of Caring Volunteers Network (CAVNET). The organization was developed to help and support people through medical and community development projects. CAVNET also assists in bringing education to children through school building projects and volunteer teachers.

He has accomplished many things during his work with CAVNET. Furthermore the acquisition of a branch office building will provide Mr. Issah, his team and the Caring Volunteers Network an opportunity to provide assistance to more needy people. Thus the office will allow him to coordinate the projects and volunteer workers efficiently.

He is very grateful for the donations that were recently made for the CAVNET’s branch office building paint renovation project. The donations, which totaled 220 dollars, were used to buy interior paint and supplies for the office rooms. Adil and his team were eager to start the project after the paint had been purchased. They were literally whistling while they worked which reflected the joy given to them through the individuals that donated money for the building renovation.

CAVNET Cares about People

CAVNET – Caring Volunteers Network is currently assisting in the Wa municipal; Wa East and Wa West. Plans are being made to branch out to other districts such as Nadowli, Jirapa and Sissala. The West districts area will be the first new project as part of this expansion.

The organization is focused on five thematic areas which include; EDUCATION, LIVELIHOOD/ AGRICULTURE, HEALTH, WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE AND ADVOCACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS. Educational development is also important in assessing a countries performance within the Millennium Development Goal framework. The quality of education depends largely on the availability of highly skilled, motivated and committed teachers and basic tools and infrastructure.

I wish to personally thank each person that was willing to give a donation to the project. Your charity will eventually provide many people with assistance to ensure a better standard of living.

Best wishes





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