Celebration Worldwide: Living and Loving

Many countries around the world celebrated Christmas this week. Likewise, people are celebrating everyday; whether this is a birthday, a job promotion or one of many other countless reasons. However, it would seem that a celebration within our society has no true depth and originality. We go through the mental and physical motions but experience many things as if we are on auto-pilot.


It is; of course, fine to enjoy a celebration on a particular day to express something. However, we often overlook the simple joy of living. This is because of obsessions with the superficialities of our existence. Furthermore, we have a tendency to experience daily activities strictly at face value. People live in a routine manner that implies monotonous behavior.This article may seem very inappropriate for many people. You may be asking “Why would it be wrong to celebrate a given day or event?” I am not suggesting neither nor, in relation at the level of our existence as a human being. We are human beings now and thus our experiences are often expressed, dedicated or remember through festivity. What I am asking is whether you are aware of the life and love that is flowing in each moment; constantly? This is a non-stop celebration.

Celebration of Life

The reference to an auto-pilot illustrates our unawareness to living in a state of presence. It is, consequently, object consciousness that has been designated as the auto-pilot. The mind usually remains in control and puts our conscious state of being on in a type of stand-by mode. This occurs often during a celebration because it is one-dimensional. This is apparent in other daily activities because the mind manages to keep us on auto-pilot. This, in itself, may first appear beneficial but actually it restricts our conscious expansion.

Should we continue to allow the mind to decide which path to follow by placing our existence on a stand-by auto-pilot mode? Or have we evolved to a point of awakened awareness to presence that offers pureness and balance in our experiences? The latter would surely be a grand celebration.

Best wishes


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