Chain Reaction: Do not let it happen!

A chain reaction is usually associated with events such as avalanches or explosions. There are many other examples that could be used to illustrate the patterns of a chain reaction. However we are interested in patterns of reactions and responses to people and situations for our topic discussion today.


Understanding what is actually occurring in any given moment can mean the difference between remaining in unconscious darkness and discovering the light of consciousness through enlightenment. Any person, thing or situation offers a portal to higher consciousness and achieving peace with your mind and the collective mind of other people. An aware state of being, in regards to our daily activities can dissolve a chain reaction before it starts.

Let’s first shed some light (no pun intended) on how any simple interaction with your own mind, other people or things can prompt a chain reaction. An excellent example of this is when you interact with someone. You are enjoying a particular experience, perhaps a walk in the park. The day is sunny and you are sitting on a bench beside a lake.

A man and woman are walking down the path next to the lake. They decide to sit on the park bench next to you. They discuss a topic that first causes the woman to express frustration, then anger and eventually sadness. The man becomes equally consumed by the exchange and shows this by raising his voice.

You are sitting there in the sun and considering how annoying it is to be bothered by this man and woman. The conversation continues and without realizing it, you are mentally drawn into the discussion. An unexpected chain reaction is released. This causes you to become nervous and you start to twitch on the park bench. The woman next to you makes a remark that initiates a bolt of anger in you.

The pleasant surroundings of the park are forgotten as you are literally consumed by the couple’s argument. You are oblivious to the sun, lake and the gentle breeze that is blowing. The man and woman then get up and leave, still arguing as they walk away.

Chain Reaction Dissolves Away!

But they left something behind. The energy that was invoked during the conversation is still there. You remain on the bench but there is a sense of uneasiness and frustration. You blame the two individuals for the anger and unhappiness that you are experiencing in that moment.

Who is actually responsible for what you are experiencing? The couple that just walked away is definitely not responsible. Your personal and the collective mind, thoughts, emotions and ego are not to blame. The chain reaction that was initiated and all chain reactions of this nature can be dissolved by only one. Will you continue to be confused by the mind into thinking or believing that you are these thoughts and emotions? Or will you become actively aware of the one that is observing the unfolding of any situation, thought or feeling?  It is your discretion to decide.


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The link below is from Psychology Today and considers reactions and responses


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