Channeling Energy; but why?

Channeling energy is perhaps the most widely used expression in areas of spirituality, religion and health. We have all heard and also use such expressions. A few examples would be: sending you positive energy, giving you healing light and I am thinking about you. These are essentially methods of channeling energy.


It is true that the law of attraction or power of intention influences life energy. However I wish to suggest that how energy truly flows and manifests is the result of something more. Channeling energy is gratifying for us. This mental channeling somehow makes it tangible. But are we really only conveying pure life energy in such a moment? The question is not easy to answer. Realistically we should say that the energy being transformed can be the result of mind and body or consciousness.

Channeling from our thoughts is a mind-made process. Therefore mind life-form energy is being contributed to life energy during a moment of channeling. However this energy could also be considered to be not only from the mind once it has been released into the universal consciousness totality.

Everything has an isness that derives from the life conscious energy that is manifesting through all objects. That is why the question from above could be answered with no or yes. The essence of everything is everything. It is mind-boggling. This is why I often use the expression beyond the mind. This is where we may find the truth.

We can also look beyond the mind in reference to channeling energy. There is a universal bond that always exists. This unity is always intact. A life-form can more fully experience this unification or space when it has released the minds hold on it. The power of intention and law of attraction have usefulness but I feel that human beings rely almost solely on the mental channeling of thought energy to influence universal consciousness.

Channeling or Not Channeling?

The significant difference lies in knowing am I really influencing the frequency of life energy or do I just ‘think’ that I am? Wayne Dyer had an interesting philosophy regarding the manifestation of energy. He wrote: The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are. Channeling energy appears to be something that we are doing. I am not sure that this is how it actually unfolds. We are collaborating with the flow of universal consciousness but we are not guiding it or diverting it in any said manner.

This would explain why there are some things that a person wishes and never receives. Equally there are desires that are not processed through thought energy output and these wishes manifest in our existence. These wishes appear to be released into the field of universal consciousness but are actually already intertwined with the field of totality. Therefore no actual channeling occurs. This would mean that as Wayne Dyer expressed you attract what you are.

Channeling energy is an automated response to many situations. We have been taught to believe and expect energy channeling to produce the desire results. Why don’t we become a certain want or desire? Many people would answer that you didn’t get it because it was not meant for you to receive or you didn’t get it because God is testing you. He has something else planned for you. A slight shift in our conditioned perspective may reveal something beneficial.  We innately know the origin of energy manifestation in our existence. It flows from a space that is beyond the mind. However we are conditioned not to acknowledge present moment and therefore depend on thoughts, emotions and memories offered to us from the mind.

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