Children and Adil Issah Need our Help

I have dedicated this article to Adil Issah. He is the executive director of CAVNET. Caring Volunteers Network and other such organizations are providing a helping hand for communities that are in desperate need of community and social development aid. The following paragraphs are from Adil Issah. I have had an opportunity to chat with Adil on several occasions. This is Adil’s message to you.


My name is Adil Issah. I am the Executive Director of Caring Volunteers Network (CAVNET). Caring Volunteers Network is a locally based non-governmental organization operating in the upper west region of Ghana. The main office is located in the Wa Municipality.

The organization was established to help and support people. It does this through medical aid and community development projects. There is a need for this service in the rural areas of our country due to a poor economic system. The organization also identifies brilliant but needy children and assists them in their educational pursuit. The organization is also committed to finding lasting solutions to the perennial and pervasive poverty problems in the region and Ghana as a whole.

Caring Volunteers Network is currently assisting in the Wa municipal; Wa East and Wa West. Plans are being made to branch out to over districts such as Nadowli, Jirapa and Sissala The West districts area will be the first new project as part of this expansion. The organization is focused on five thematic areas which include; EDUCATION, LIVELIHOOD/ AGRICULTURE, HEALTH, WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE AND ADVOCACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS. Educational development is also important in assessing a countries performance within the Millennium Development Goal framework. The quality of education depends largely on the availability of highly skilled, motivated and committed teachers and basic tools and infrastructure.


There has been a noticeable increase in school enrollment in general. However poor building conditions and under qualified school teachers are a threat which could undermine the efforts of CAVNET. There are also regional inequalities in the quantity and quality of educational outcome. The northern regions and rural areas are the worst affected.

These challenges need to be addressed in order to ensure high quality education outcomes. One of the challenges in the Millennium Development Goal report cited inadequate infrastructure in many public schools in Ghana.

The current project is a school building that was built in 1969 by the Busia government. This particular area now has a student population of 300. The school has classes from 7th to 9th grade. The 7th and 8th grade require three classrooms per each grade. This does not include the 9th grade classrooms needed. It will be impossible to accommodate the expected 150 students in one class in the next academic year which starts in September 2016.

CAVNET Helping People to Help Themselves

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) started the current project in 2005. This had been initiated to accommodate the expected enrollment needs for the upcoming academical year 2006. A lack of commitment and building funds has forced the PTA to postpone the project until the current date. Acquiring the needed funding as been difficult due to unemployment in the area. The local merchants contribute community development projects when possible. Unfortunately these merchants have very limited resources and capital.

I’m here to raise funds to complete the school for the students. Poor infrastructure has been a major challenge affecting public schools in Ghana. The project is dear to my heart and I strongly believe in educating children in rural communities. Children are the future of humanity. The children are the future leaders, teachers and farmers. The establishment of this school building and school administration will provide the children with an opportunity to share, learn and grow. What they learn can then be shared with family and the community.

The project team, myself, the community and the children are very thankful to each and every person that can donate to the completion of this school building. Thank you”

Here is the Fundraiser website address. A few dollars can make the difference; please consider helping the children of this area. It would be wonderful if you would share this information with family, friends and co-workers on Facebook and other social media networks.

Thank you, best wishes to everyone


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