Choice, Choices, Who Chooses?

We are usually not even aware enough to know that we have a choice in every moment and every situation. This choice can be based on something other than that given situation. This choice I am speaking about is connected to the immediate situation, but not entirely. We are not usually truly aware in most situations, which is why the choices that are made are not truly our own choices.


We assume that we are continuously making choices, but is this really true? It would be better to ask, who is really making these choices. Is this choice really based on my true form, or is it the ego’s manipulation that determines what is decided?

The first level of a thought in our mind would appear to function on the basis of a hand in hand cooperation with the oneness. We could also say that the human consciousness is able to sense the universal consciousness in the background of our human existence. This is where our awareness plays such an important role. Our level of awareness determines how we decide. Our minds are continually in a thinking process. The mind just does what it does, without the need for pondering or debating. Our level of instinctive thinking operates quite well without the human factors. 

These factors are the human emotions, conditioning and ego. There are, of course, occasions where pondering and analyzing a thought may be useful. I feel that most of our human life can be lived with a minimum of conflict and self-induced stress. I have a feeling that life in its true form can show us the true beauty to be found in our human life.

It would also allow us to let go of our possessive demanding. We could feel and live together with the oneness of life instead of always being on the outside, looking in. This would be a pure and uncorrupted state of being. This will first occur when we have reached a point where we can free our mind.

Who chooses?

I really can’t say who chooses.

So many times I think that it is I who has chosen.

Only why does it feel so wrong?

It just doesn’t feel right.

The decision that was made makes me feel so uptight.

If for this reason and no other it cannot be right.

It must be the “me” that so often chooses.

The me can be so treacherous.

The me convinces the I of a lie.

It says to the I, turn around and trust me.

The I in me knows that the me is misleading.

The me twists and turns everything to its satisfaction.

The I suffers pain when the me comes about.

The me is quite clever and it shouts:

“Believe in me never have a doubt.”

There had been long years when I listened to the me.

I had always thought the me sees what I see; does it not.

The me made its decisions.

I felt the pain.

Then one day the me was not so convincing.

I said to the me, there is no need for this game.

We are one and the same.

If we must choose…then we choose together.

The above text is an excerpt from Chapter Four of “One Moment in Life”. I have included Chapter Four of the book as a PDF downloadable file attachment for your reading pleasure. I have included a poem for Chapter Four that was not used in the final published copy. The download is also available on my Facebook profile page.

The second book I have written is now in the last editing stages. It will be ready for publishing in November or December of 2016.

One Moment in Life –  Chapter Four download:

PDF: One Moment in Life - Chapter Four - Who Chooses Me or I?

MOBI Kindle zip file: One Moment in Life - Chapter Four - Who Chooses, Me or I?

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