Christmas and Life Energy: What will you do?

We center our attention on certain highlights each year such as World Peace Day, Christmas and New Years. However we tend to overlook that each day, each moment and literally every breath for all life-forms is a celebration of life energy manifestation.


We can observe this flowing frequency of energy and actually influence how it will materialize in our immediate surroundings, across the world and throughout the universe. However we have been conditioned and have forgotten the significance of living consciously. This has occurred due to evolution factors. Additionally we exist in a human-made world that nurtures automation, unawareness and often participates in monotone activities.

This has restricted our awareness to life energy and thus inhibited the potential that is there for us in each moment through consciousness. We are experiencing an existence as a human being but should not limit ourselves to believing that we are only human. Furthermore a shift from mind content structures to pure conscious interaction with life will shine more light on a path leading to harmony and unification.

Christmas will be celebrated by many people around the world now. Additionally there are other individuals that celebrate Christmas in January. The time and place to celebrate Christmas is insignificant when we consider that every day is Christmas.

Christmas and Conscious Living

Christmas represents harmony and good-well among all life-forms. Please pause for a moment and consider this last sentence. This “Christmas Feeling” is actually a nature state of being that is too often hidden behind a mask of illusions. These falsities are projected unto our existence through too much mind and not enough awareness to consciousness.

We unknowingly redirect this natural energy flow of life through unconscious behavior and reactions. This allows the mind to remain a false master while consciousness suffers much like an honorable king cast into servitude.

I wish to share a poem in this article that I had originally written and shared last year as a dedication to you and life. Every moment is an opportunity to consciously awaken to the vastness within the gift of life. It should be possible for each person, every religion and all countries to maintain certain individualities but to also be consciously aware that we are all one spiritual being that has the capacity to change the universe through harmony and peace.

I am That

It is your gazing eyes into space that gives the stars a place.
The distance between here and there seems so real but why?
There is no between, no this and that; whether Stars or sky, you or I.
There is a bond that holds it all.

There is no you or I; no matter what we try.
We know this; surely we do.
There beyond the mind is a place that each can find.

There is a space where it all falls into place.
Let your self free-fall away; do not fear.
Then you will know how joyful it is to fly.

The universe, the stars, you and I are here together as one.
The beauty is in discovering the simplicity of living; as you acknowledge…

I am all that is and will be.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

P.S. Here is an article with ideas and insight about universal consciousness.
Psychology Today



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