Co-creating all Experiences

I wish to share a personal experience with you relating to co-creating experiences. I had various obligations the other day in the form of appointments. Correspondingly, I also needed to travel to the next city via subway train to attend one appointment. I recall focusing energy on canceling this meeting but then decided to just allow everything to unfold naturally.


Everything went well during the morning and then I rode a bus to the train station at noon for the last appointment. I had purchased the ticket and started up the ramp to board the subway. I looked up at the electronic train schedule display to see when the train would arrive. There was a message flashing on all the displays that read

All subways and trains between the train station where I was and the city where I needed to go were not running due to a technical malfunction.

I smiled instantly as I felt the recognition of space consciousness opening in and around me. It was obvious that I was co-creating this experience through the release of conscious energy. This was the desire I had the day before this meeting to cancel it. This was the energy that I had released in a spontaneous but very conscious moment.

Co-Creating the Now of this Moment

There are probably some people who will say that this is sheer coincidence. However, I have observed this often in my own experiences and with other people. We have this ability. Moreover, it is flowering in each moment. The now blossoms in accordance with the energy you release by means of co-creating with life. Furthermore, your level of awareness to the moment and not necessarily the content is essential.

We are interacting and co-creating within the now because this is an energy transfer. It can only happen in this moment. Life is energy. You manifest life. Therefore, you are energy and you are life. It is beneficial to your conscious awakening to realize the significance of your being. We become confused and entangled within patterns and structures of the mind in relation to the content of each experience. These are not ultimately related to the essence of now.

Consequently, we remain blind to our own true radiance as a divine being. This divinity is possible through the simple manifestation of life energy and our partnership with it. We are co-creating either a Heaven or a Hell in each moment. This is determined by the object energy released, our level of conscious awareness and our interaction with what WE have created.

Best wishes


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