Collective Human Behavior

The personal and collective mind has restricted our awareness to consciousness. The transition back to a state of awareness to life and consciousness may seem long and troublesome. It is, however, not difficult; on the contrary it is quite simple. Awareness and consciousness are one and the same. That is why the sentence: “We become aware of awareness.” sounds so odd.  The importance lies in realizing that we already exist in a field of pure consciousness (consciousness actually has us within it), we need only reawaken.

More awareness of life is the only necessary key to open and enter the source of pure consciousness. Then the personal and collective mind will once again be within consciousness and we will no longer feel separated from it. We will be aware that “living without the importance of content” is the most natural dimension in which to exist. This level of consciousness would be without human deterrents. Our species’ behavioral tendencies are very influential now, as they have been throughout humankind’s history. The significance is found in what transpires during our personal and collective developments.

Collective Interpretations vs. life Simplicity

Throughout our evolution there has been continual repetition and an “adding content to” the psychological framework of the human mind. Humankind has always based its existence on a path filled with questions, assumptions, and beliefs. The need and demand is there to find something we supposedly lost. The simplicity of life was misplaced in the complexity of our human form existence interpretation structures. The majority of people remain oblivious to this fact. Most people remain within a field of illusions. We have been repeatedly searching, defining, interpreting, reinterpreting, judging, and demanding, over millenniums. The human species is trapped within the framework of its own creations. Human beings are very susceptible to personal and social manipulations. We could spend days discussing the why’s and how’s.

The factors responsible for our collective human state of mind are many. The conditioned elements of human existence first appear to be a heavy unchangeable burden to the mind. We are confronted daily with an overwhelming number of distractions and manipulations. Our species’ state of consciousness has been molded by generations of manipulation and suppression interwoven within our personal and social structures. This state of mind dilemma may have started when the first human being looked to the stars and asked, “Why?”

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