Columbine Communications & Publications PDF Annual Rights Catalog 2016

One Moment in Life

Hello Everyone

My first book “One Moment in Life” is being represented by Columbine Communications & Publications agency from California. Columbine Communications is a publishing consultancy company that represents non-fiction authors and their books. The finalized PDF catalog is now available from the company’s website.

Columbine Communications & Publications market and negotiate the foreign rights for books worldwide.

A first draft proof copy of the catalog was made available to customers a month ago. I was delighted to receive a book review request shortly after the distribution of the catalog proof copy. I received an email from Columbine Communications stating that a company “Alshegrey Advanced & Publishing University Services” wished to have a PDF copy of my book for review.

I have since been informed that the publishing company has decided not to make an offer for the book. I am however thankful for the experienced obtained through the correspondence with the Alshegrey Advanced & Publishing University Services company. I do not see the company’s decision not to make an offer for the book as negative. It provided an excellent opportunity for me to gain useful experience.

It is rewarding to witness the curiosity that the book topic contents are generating. I am thankful for such opportunities. There is a change occurring in the mental framework of human beings. The change is developing slowly; but it is continuous. Human beings are reawakening to the factual state of being in life. We are relearning how to allow our form’s mental and conscious state of existence to experience life first hand.

The restrictions and manipulations caused by one-sided human form content illusion structures are thus changing from within the framework of our true essence. A partnership between human form existence and life consciousness/oneness is becoming more apparent than every before. This partnership has always been there in the background of our content filled existence. Letting go, accepting and experiencing life essence at a simplistic level will reestablish life as the basis for our existence. Content illusions; in the form of assumptions, beliefs and materialistic objects, have dominated the development of humankind for millenniums. A change in the fibers of our existence with life is on the horizon.

Best wishes

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