Come Hell or High Water I am Still…ness: Stillness Prevails

Stillness is considered something that is required to experience enlightenment; therefore it is greatly desired. We view this state of being as something that must be reached. We have placed a label on Stillness. This label reads “Enlightenment can only be reached through stillness”. So we continue to demand it. It is a thirst that we do not seem to be able to quench. But what if we already have it? Being still is perhaps the most natural act of being. There is a slight whisper of stillness in the background of every person, every situation and every moment.

A movie scene depicts a massive tidal wave approaching the shoreline; the clock is ticking. The hero stands together with the woman that he loves. The camera zips between the tidal wave and the two people. The hero must jump over a gaping crevice, fight of a dinosaur and jump in an airplane to escape the tidal wave. He must do all this while carrying the woman that he loves. There is only a moment before the huge wave crashes into the shoreline; completely devastating the land and killing everything in its path.

Stillness Offers Love and Life

The hero remains calm. He picks up the woman, jumps the crevice, out-maneuvers the dinosaur and jumps in the plane with the girl; smiling all the while. The tidal wave is already looming over the plane such as a huge open hand. The hero looks at his love next to him. He pushes the plane ignition…nothing happens. He looks at the woman; slightly concerned by still smiling. The second attempt brings the plane engine to purring. The hero and his love glance at each other…he pulls her to his lips and they kiss. He confesses his deep love for her as their lips part after the kiss. She caresses his face; they continue to look into each others eyes. Then the hero says “I think it is time for us to go”. The plane rises and escapes the booming Tidal wave.

The unfolding of this scene took exactly one minute. Of course movie drama can get a little out of hand but still there is something for us to learn from this example. Every situation that the Hero must face was done in the moment (now). He was able to nurture the stillness that was there in the moment. He embraced it by physically and mentally remaining in the moment. The stillness blossomed with a brilliant radiance. The timeless portal was opened. The hero was neither a man nor hero in that moment.

He was ultimately a moment of isness that manifested through the man. We do not actually need to be a hero in order for us to experience exactly the same awareness as the hero above. We only need to shift our field of perception from infinite to this one moment and then discover that within this one moment there is infinity and perhaps so much more.

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