Communication and Conscious Evolution!

Communication is the name of the game being played by human beings. There are an estimated 7.19 billion active mobile cell phones worldwide. Thereby are countless other possibilities for us to communicate with each other locally, worldwide and beyond.


I am using one such method by sharing this article with you. I am communicating with a computer, a true technological marvel. However it is not the type of communication we use, but how we use it. This determines whether the transmission frequency will be strictly human content, consciousness or a combination of both. Please understand that we are referring to conscious energy and intention for our discussion purposes.

The next step for us may very well be to deeply consider if our level of communication will remain localized or are we ready to reach out; universally. A deeper understanding of our existence and life is beneficial in taking this step. I have chosen the word “deeper” to suggest that we should go mentally and, more importantly, consciously inward to initiate a true shift in our perspective.

Communication has been used over the last few hundred thousand years by humankind as a means to broaden complexity in our daily activities. Oh, it is true that when viewed from the level of technology and practical purposes, we have come far. But this type of communication will not necessarily initiate, awaken and expand our consciousness to the level of reunification with universal consciousness.

Communication is your Responsibility

A change from mind content orientation to conscious universality will happen when a person is able to observe him or herself. This will happen from a field of awareness that is not contained within the structures of the mind. The individual energy released from any life-form may first appear to be a localized occurrence but every energy frequency vibration influences universal life consciousness.

Communication on the level of human technology and activities will continue to be used. But there is a field of awareness beyond the mind that can be observed to allow a unified communication with the dimension of oneness. This conscious space is capable of offering you an unrestricted understanding of your own being, the universe and life. You will know enlightenment and thus be it.

Best wishes

P.S. The included videos from Alan Watts are overflowing with insight that can offer signposts that are beneficial to conscious awakening. Please watch and let go of the mind during the moment you feel your perception shifting. You may be surprised.

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