Complaint Department: Who is Responsible?

Are you searching for a complaint department to assist you in finding the answers to living? Do human beings need someone or something to complain to when we are frustrated, confused and afraid? This may be true and this type of conditioned behavior may have started after humankind reached a given level of self-consciousness.


Human evolution as a species according to scientific research suggests that the path to present day human beings started around 88 million years ago. Humankind as we know it is said to have started down a separate path away from the Hominini ape tribe around 7 millions years ago. However this article is not a lesson in evolution. Although we may wish to consider when the persistent need for a complaint department began to develop in human beings.

It would be very difficult to write about the development of mind and object consciousness starting from the initial awakening of self-consciousness. Therefore let’s consider our behavior in regards to seeking a complaint department over the last few thousand years. We started to search for a reason for everything. It was very difficult for early human beings to comprehend the slow but steady development in intellect.

Conscious Living without a Complaint Department

Self-consciousness was also developing throughout this period. This increased the friction between simply existing and listening to the mind making inquiries about everything we experienced. This, in turn, caused intelligence at the level of mind to steadily conflict with living consciously. A pattern of never-ending conflict between mind and consciousness resulted. This has basically escalated continuously throughout our evolution.

We became lost in the details of this behavior and sought help through religion and eventually science. The tendency to search for a sanctuary from the clash between mind and living consciously consequently induced the need for a complaint department. This initiated a complaint department syndrome that has been conditioned into our existence.

We relinquished the free-will to live and make decisions consciously. Instead, we have become a victim of our thoughts and emotions due to the distractions of the mind. Excessive existence details overshadow the natural balance between mind, body and spirit. All of which do not actually enhance harmony between our existence as an object and life. Life is a vibrating energy field that flows with a conscious frequency. We tap into this dimension continually whether we are aware of it or not. It is each person’s responsibility to live consciously without the need or demand for a complaint department.

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