Complete: Completely in Presence

Being is enough. Many people are familiar with this statement. It is easy to understand because it literally implies simplicity. You are you, and this is plausible. Furthermore, everything that could possibly be, is happening through the act of living now. However, what does this actually suggest? You are essentially completely complete.


We can whimsically say:

The joy of living is to be and to truly be is to experience the essence of being.

Therefore, the universe is a dimension of possibilities for a person that is living in a state of presence. Furthermore, the reality that you are experiencing is a result of the reality that you are creating. It is solely your responsibility. The mind will resist and tell you that everything is happening because of outside influences.

Presence Is a Portal to Being

Thoughts and emotions will maintain this facade of illusions until you acknowledge that to be is enough. This is the foundation of our existence because it is the gateway to divinity. The portal can only be truly accessed in the here and now. Therefore, in other words, you have always been enlightened and can recognize this through being it; now.

There is a quote often used in spiritual teachings. “Being in the world, but not of the world” This teaching would suggest that it is wise to live in a state of presence. Furthermore, we should do more than practice being presence. Moreover, we should literally be presence, rather than the details unfolding within it. Each everlasting moment will unfold naturally when you aware and be it.

Completely Complete

You come from one; completely.
It has always been the one.
You are simply here to live.
Do you feel it? Be it! You are alive.
You are the one that shines like the sun.
It is you that creates the moon and stars.

You are here, now. Do you feel it?
There is nothing less or more than one.
To be or not to be is not the question.
It is you that creates being.
It is you that are one; completely.

Will you live, love and have some fun?
Being is simply to be, completely.
You often want to ask how and why.
The gift of being is not a question.
You are here now; completely.

Sickness may come and sadness may show.
Nevertheless, it is you that are the one.
Feel it now and know that it is you.
Being is to be and it is true.

Best wishes


P.S. This is an original video of Eckhart Tolle as he began teaching to others. He shares insight that can be very helpful in the process of awakening consciously to being alive now.

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