Complexity vs. Simplicity: Choose Now

The complexity of our behavior in such areas as beliefs or belief structures is astounding. This has resulted in our evolutionary patterns have established an existence truly based on a separation from life. There are three characteristics of human development: emotions, ego, and mind-conditioning that promote separation. Human creativity and intelligence have the capacity to enhance our human consciousness. However these are usually corrupted by the traits mentioned above.

It would be beneficial for human consciousness to perceive life without presumptions and belief structures. Any attempts to cling to, proclaim, and defend a belief will at most make the ego feel satisfied and powerful. This is, however, only short-term and is not real.

It doesn’t change any aspect dealing with the manifestation of life in our form. The only thing that may be altered through such attempts would be the continual interpretation and reinterpretation of life according to these concepts. This only complicates the convolution of our human life experiences and it is the predicament of almost any belief.

We continue to build our existence on an unstable foundation and add mind-generated complexity ongoing. This causes separation, isolation and fear. A contributing cause of this is our susceptibility to seek something to believe in, restricting us from the portal to life. Moreover we are constantly competing with ourselves, other human beings, and even against life.

We demand that the universe accepts us as an individual, and secondly as an individual among other individuals. This is sadly a result of the minds egoistic personal and social development patterns. How did the human species allow itself to lose its identity? It is possibly because our true identity has nothing to do with this form (person). There is not a single object that is that which it appears to be.

Belief structures have been handed down to us through the evolution of our species. Likewise claiming to “believe in something” is as invalid as the belief itself, and it is usually a misinterpretation. The foundation of believing confronts a person from all sides: personal, family, community or nation. Your assumptions and beliefs don’t originate or belong to you because most are an illusion.

Simplicity Beyond Beliefs and Complexity

It would seem that the mind demands complexity. This behavior has lasted over thousands of years; a time period of confusion and turmoil when it comes to beliefs. These actions and reactions are an attempt to confirm a given belief. However our searching and demanding has never been about verifying a belief. It has only been the need to confirm our own interpretations or misinterpretations of any given belief. We, on an individual and group collective level want to be right; however, it would be more appropriate to write that the ego and our conditioned state of existence want to be right.

No assumption or belief is based on originality. Moreover we have been nurturing blindness and ignorance throughout history. Unfortunately humankind gives this conditioned ignorance to each newborn baby and each new generation. Beliefs have a strange manner of surviving from generation to generation.

The mind complexity remains ongoing and only the belief name or label will change. Furthermore the populace remains unaware of the senseless waste of life energy, which is needed to support assumptions and beliefs. Most people are content to simply believe in something or someone without the need to be consciously aware and ask why.

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