Complicated Relationships: Who are we kidding?

It’s complicated! How often have you either used this expression or heard it said? These complications seem to appear in not only relationships but in all aspects of our daily activities. Is existing, the universe and life really that complicated?

You may be inclined to say “yes” but let’s reflect on this topic before we so eagerly agree that everything is unbearably complicated. This type of mind conditioning usually causes us to view the universe as a place of countless complexities.

Is life, love or any detail of our existence really that complicated? There are situations that warrant our attention. This is unavoidable for a life-form living in a universe with other objects. However it is the mind that infests the moment with random thoughts and emotions. It is usually the master that dominates and conscious awareness is the servant that serves.

This is a continuous game of cat and mouse whereby the mind and ego allow object consciousness just enough freedom to catch a glimpse of enlightenment. We experience this in the background of our daily activities and it feels refreshingly different. It seems so easy, there it is surrounding us. All objects are bathing within the enlightened simplicity of life.

The Mind is Complicated; Life is Simple

The mind will usually give you just enough of this “beyond mind” sensation to keep you searching and hoping for salvation but it seems to never come. This is, at least, what the mind tells you. It is all much too complicated and life was never meant to be easy or enlightening; this is what the mind tells us. Thus we generally remained fixed in a pattern of searching, hoping and yet somehow knowing that enlightenment is there. That is, until the mind interjects a flood of thoughts and emotions that appear to overflow conscious space.

There in the midst of the ego’s entanglement, mind thoughts and emotions you hear yourself repeating what the mind is always whispering to you…It is all so complicated. The complications, however arise because we (object consciousness) normally do not have a true relationship with universal consciousness. We know that enlightenment is there but the mind insists on deceiving us into a “search but never find” repeating pattern.

The mind is not all-powerful and it is possible to shift from mind to conscious awareness. It is a relearning process that each person can undertake. There are unlimited possibilities within the dimension of universal consciousness. You will suddenly experience life from a perspective that is long-lasting vibrant and colorful. Thereby recognizing that you are the true master and the mind is your faithful servant. The three, mind, object consciousness and universal consciousness can thus harmoniously interact and blossom.


Best wishes

P.S. The included link is from Psychology Today about why human beings make life so complicated.



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