Concepts of the Mind: Life without Definitions

Human love concepts flourished as intelligence, creativity and self consciousness developed. The concepts of love started to impact human existence in various manners as self-consciousness blossomed. There was equally a demanding need to interpret and define the changes occurring during the evolution of mind and consciousness. However this should not be confused with our species evolutionary physical and mental adaptation. It was suddenly no longer enough to simple feel emotions or love. We were expanding mentally and emotionally and this caused us to ask questions. Awakening self awareness told us that we were experiencing something and eventually we labeled this love.

The equally developing human creativity in our species initiated a necessity for more labels and definitions. The human species “need” to identify itself, the universe and life increased outward; at the cost of losing insight over what we can find “in” us. This was the start of our unquenchable need to explain what we are experiencing in our thoughts and through our actions. This “demand to know” expands far beyond defining our immediate surrounding. The beginning of self consciousness initiated a curiosity that could not be silenced. The human species mind needs to know.

There is an everlasting state of conscious isness. offers this information about isness. Buddha referred to himself as the Tathātā. This word has been described as both “One who has thus come” and “One who has thus gone”. These two have often been described as “One who has arrived at suchness”

Concepts are Mind Games

The human mind demands to understand why we are here. How can our species even attempt to explain a state of being? Talking, writing and dreaming about love is wonderful but it might be very enlighten to simply experience it; without labels. This is done best when we step outside the burdens of the mind. This approach also correlates with life. Life should be experienced; not analyzed, interpreted or defined. Evolution; before the self-consciousness stage, played a big role in human development. One significant realization is that we exist in love, we are engulfed in life. We have simply forgotten. Therefore we overlook the simplicity that is at the foundation of life and love. We have made the endeavors associated with interpreting and defining love and life our priorities.

The actual act of being has become secondary in our existence experiences. Humans are usually so busy doing something that the beauty and importance of simply being has been interpreted as trivial. This same pattern of understanding is true about love. We are usually busy pursuing the interpretation and defined expectations of love. Therefore it could be said that we have disassociated with simply feeling love. This may have resulted from the increasing burden that has been placed on our species after the awakening of self consciousness. This set the foundation for all later behavioral patterns. Many of these patterns of “doing something” constantly contaminate an existence that should be relatively simplistic. It is really obvious. There is a complete suchness within this blink of the eye.

We are personally and collectively awakening to this realization. There is the isness of now. It is free from the concepts of the mind.

Best wishes to everyone


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