Conclusion: A Mind Dilemma

It can be useful to pursue a conclusion in many daily activities. The internet dictionary defines this word as “The end or finish of an event or process”. However, the now is an ongoing occurrence. Therefore, it is not possible to finish it. This is obviously otherwise you could not experience being here now. Nevertheless, the mind seeks answers.


The mind wants a conclusion and will insist on reaching it by any means and at any cost. The price we pay is a lack of conscious awareness and this can even cause physical discomforts and suffering. The brain formulates thoughts in an attempt to justify a path needed to finish something. These processes almost immediately conjure assumptions, beliefs or stories into our existence.

Living Consciously Without A Conclusion

The brain is responsible for this behavior. It assures that you will definitely come to a conclusion about whatever is unfolding in any given circumstance. Nonetheless, this means to an end can easily cause mental and emotional instability. Moreover, this can also result in an unaware person frantically trying to reach an answer or closure regarding how to be presence and live consciously.

The search for a state of presence based on a mind conclusion can be frustrating because this cannot nurture pure enlightenment. The stories that the mind will tell can seem very convincing but they are based on conditioned thoughts. However, please focus on the realization that presence is something you are and not something that is to be found.

The mind and, moreover, the ego have difficulty in simply living in a state of beingness without expecting a conclusion to the content details of a particular moment. These expectancies are usually imposed unto a fictitious clock time that is unrelated to now. These thoughts, left unchecked through lack of awareness, are not in a state of presence. You can only be presence. This is not something that can be assumed, defined and concluded; furthermore, this can only be realized and experienced now.

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