Confrontations Begin and End with You

The world seems to spin around in an array of daily confrontations. We are constantly confronted by the supposed demands placed on us through; among other things, the concept of time. Time could be considered the number one factor that we confront in our existence. The number of confrontations occurring in our existence appear endless; but are they real? Is the concept of time real? Time is useless other for the self-imposed time tables and deadlines of a human world. It has a practical use for human beings but no real absolute use when considering life conscious energy.


The content of any situation is irrelevant. The opportunity to choose is there for us in each moment. When I say choose, I mean a choice that comes from a level of consciousness other than our human form. In a state of true awareness, our choices would not be manipulated by a person, an emotion, or a situation. There would be no outside influence to distort our field of presence. There would also be no contamination from our human ego or conditioning, or at least we would be more aware of it when it happens. We could then stop the repetitive patterns that occur in many daily experiences. Unfortunately, we are often not aware.

Confrontations are a Mind Game

We allow ourselves to be pulled into the immediate situation. We are usually not in a state of aware presence. Confrontations are never with someone or something. The daily difficulties arise through a misinterpretation of what is actually happening in any given moment. This misunderstanding occurs when a person looks outside him or herself for the reason or cause.

We are life, which, at this moment, is being manifested through this person. We may be more likely to just let life happen when we experience it from the aspect of life totality and not from our species form existence. Then we may be more inclined to accept the experiences of this human being. A choice deriving from a unity with the oneness of life may then have a chance to manifest into our human existence naturally.

This may then give us conscious space and a sense of freedom. We would then be able to let go of the many so-called agonies and supposed misfortunes that we feel someone or something is doing to us. The human form would then be seen for what it truly is in each moment; it is an object manifesting universal energy consciousness. We are actually life, all life, and not just a limited version of consciousness within a human form.

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