Confronting Everything, Confronting Yourself

It sounds overwhelming to suggest that we are confronting everything. However, everything does seem to surround us. Everything literally includes everything; obviously. Let’s step back from this terrifying vision of taking on the universe through confrontation. Now let’s look at anything or anyone; do this with more than just the eyes. Experiencing this moment as yourself, then as the other object and then as the one universal self. You may sense that everything within close proximity and beyond becomes a deep conscious; spiritual occurrence.

It is possible to do this in each moment; as impossible as that may sound. This requires a shift in observation; nothing more, nothing less. You may discover something astonishing when you have practiced shifting your awareness from yourself, to the object and as the oneness of life. Eventually you may realize that there has always only been the one true self.

You are confronting what you are, to become what you are.

What is Steve talking about now? This is what many of you may be asking in this moment. Consider for yourself what you are confronting each day. There are people, things and situations that invoke patterns of thinking, emotions and fears. These interactions are greatly influenced by thoughts and conditioning.

These mind-made factors seem to be what you are in each moment. To realize, accept and allow this acknowledgment permits change. I experienced this acknowledgment during a confrontation with a housefly. A housefly can be a great spiritual teacher; as is true for any experience. This encounter initiated a true confirmation of spiritual awakening. This is how the experience unfolded. I went to the window to open it thereby I hoped that no flies would come inside. This is what I thought as I headed toward the window.

I opened it and there was a fly that actually seemed to be waiting in anticipation to come inside. It tried to fly in the window and I stopped it by swatting it outside. I forgot the little Buddha in me in that moment and became frustrated. Then I told myself that there is no way I wanted a fly in the house. I keep the bedroom window closed and walked to the terrace door to open it; still frustrated about the fly. I open the door and a fly (I am sure it was the same one) flew past me into the house like a rocket.

Confronting the One Self

I observed the housefly casually gliding around the middle of the living room. I could sense frustration and a loss of “isness” as I watched it. It felt like I was going to freak out on the housefly. I moved toward it but suddenly stopped and became still. This was a sudden spontaneous moment of spiritual acknowledgment. I started to smile as the housefly circled above my head. I realized that my behavior was never about the fly. The housefly, in this example, was not doing anything but being a housefly. I had forgotten that I was the housefly. Can you relate to what I am suggesting? Whether it is a housefly, another person, a dog, a tree or a rock; it is always you. The housefly had been the focus of the mind and I had forgotten the true self.

A housefly, person or situation becomes what you are in that moment when you are not aware of the now beyond the content. Anything in this universe will always give a reflection of you as the person; unless you can shift awareness to responding consciously. Confronting anything in this universe is simply a self-confrontation. This is also true when you have consciously awakened. However, then the moment reveals the universal essence that bonds all things. It is then no longer a confrontation but rather a self-realization.

You will always be the totality of anything; no matter what you experience or confront.

Best wishes



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