Confused, Anxious or Fearful?: Have you ever truly asked WHY?

We are confused, anxious, and fearful. These behavioral patterns are not caused by a world filled with danger. There are real dangers in our form existence that occur from time to time. Generally are daily activities are conducted without any real and immediate dangers, but we don’t accept this fact. We have remained in a vicious cycle of self-inflected patterns of pain and suffering for tens of thousands of years. There have only been a very small number of people who have reestablished the connection to life. Most of humanity is busy denying life. We have become masters in the art of deception. We use every possible explanation to avoid simplifying everything through stillness and awareness. This is another area of our existence where the storyteller in us thrives. We “assume” that our creative intelligence can explain the universe in a way that nurtures simplicity. This has proven not to be true.


Our self-acclaimed superior intelligence assures arrogance in many of our experiences, especially existential issues. Religion and science are two prime examples. This results in a person or collective group repeatedly redefining us, the universe, and life. This person or persons expresses given ideas (assumptions) with total confidence in its geniality. The population of human beings continue to grow. This repeatedly results in groups of people bonding together to promote a given idea or belief. We experience this in the shared opinion of two people, small and large institutions, and entire nations.

I would like to quote from the American Declaration of Independence to express our human dilemma:

“…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

This is very significant. This represents the human tendency to continue down a path that has proven to be very destructive. We see this in our individual and collective behavior.

We mostly adhered to, or add more content to many assumptions, beliefs, and man-made rules of life. This has gone on throughout the entirety of our species development. We continue to mimic or reinterpret ideas, opinions, assumptions, beliefs and so on. Why do we do this? Factors such as fear, control, and imagination restrict us. The latter (imagination) may first appear to be a wonderful aspect of our species development. I have said it before and should say it again. Many, perhaps even all our species characteristics are very useful for practical purposes in our human form existence. These; except for human consciousness, do not however have a genuine usefulness other than for these practical applications.

Our individual and collective patterns of human form behavior (unawareness, conditioning, and ego) greatly restrict the portal to aware consciousness. These factors are programmed in human genetics. These will never allow us to release the need for searching and demanding fulfillment; unless we become truly aware. True “life” awareness is not typically experienced in human beings. It is not in our species nature. Ideas expressed hundreds even thousands of years ago are still used today. These are enslaving our consciousness. The compiling force to use, or at least modify and then use, these outdated assumptions and guidelines remains constant. This is due to our fears, needs, and demands. We as individuals and especially collective groups use this fact to contain ourselves in an existence of delusion and denial.

Blissful Instead of Fearful

Being confused, anxious and fearful has become a pattern of existence behavior for most human beings. Perhaps the worst of these three is to be fearful. The word (be) should be noted here. To “be” is to become what your are “being”. Is this the moment when we should stop “being” fearful? A simple shift in mental thinking and conscious interaction with life could change “being” fearful to “being” in balance with life energy. We would then often be blissful instead of fearful.

P.S. I have included a video clip featuring the actor Jeff Daniels. I am not showing this video for nationalistic, political or any other reason; except to suggest that we are often victims of ignorance. This ignorance has developed because we remain unconscious to the true knowledge that we all have inside. We have turned a deaf ear to this knowledge. It is possible to awaken, shift and change. It is imperative that human beings return home to the true self. The above article is an excerpt from my upcoming second book. It will be published in the winter of 2016.

Best wishes to everyone

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