Confused? Is it so Difficult to just “Be”?

Why are we so confused? We feel a need to find fulfillment. However the object contents of our existence often leave us filling exactly the opposite; unfulfilled, isolated and confused.


We have created even more content with the desire; often demand, to alleviate the isolation and confusion that overwhelms us. We continually ask questions and search continually for answers. We could call this a reawakening process; perhaps necessary, perhaps not. We might even call it an inner journey. It would appear to occur quite naturally when we are able to accept. It is very beneficial to acknowledge what we are. The human self image that we have nurtured with deceit and content illusions is not what we are. Your true self is only manifesting at this moment in a form called “human being”.

These terms, such as self or human being are actually irrelevant. These mean nothing. These are only definitions and labels that our creative intelligence has designed to categorize what we insist on interpreting. This is unfortunately the course of our mental development and human consciousness. This is what human beings do. This does not mean that it is good, bad, right or wrong. I am spelling this out with the hope of awakening your awareness to the insignificance of all that you (we) do in our existence. This does however not mean that we should not do what we do. We are human beings; what we do is part of existing as this form now. Have you every heard “Being in the world but not of it”? I have mentioned this in other articles and in my first book.

This has been mentioned in writings dating back thousands of years; even the Bible. This is basically saying that we are now a human being in this world. It is okay to accept this form; but we do not need to be “only” this form with all of its behaviorism and tendencies. It is possible; through the level of our species consciousness, to witness the human development (dilemma) that we have imposed onto our true self. We have the capacity to; through our level of consciousness, decide if we will remain blind and manipulated by the conditioned behavior of our form; or simply acknowledge this form for what it is. It is only a species form. Your (our) true self is so much more than this form.

This may sound confusing. It may perhaps sound good on paper, but impossible to practice. This apparent confusion is only a mental trick to keep us confined to the rigid structures of our human mental and emotional concoctions. I wish to suggest that we are destroying our human form. We “think” that this is all that we are; and many people don’t like this form existence; for what every reasons many are dissatisfied. We remain confused. This is the situation of many, many people. Everyone is so restricted and manipulated by the content of our human mental illusions that we have forgotten the pleasure of simply “being”.

“Being” does not mean that we will not become ill. It does not imply that this “human form” will not encounter difficulty and pain. “Being” does not suggest that we will receive a paradise that everyone “thinks” we lost and are so desperate to find. “Being is simply that “it is”.

“Are you confused about being a human being? The reason is because you are much more than what the mind wants you to think or believe.”

However “being may offer a glimpse into infinity. This is in reference to the endless possibilities provided by acceptance of what “is”. There is freedom and serenity to be found in the simply act of “being what we are”. We are life manifesting in the form of a human being.

The supposed difficulties, disappointments and sorrows are nothing more than a mental / emotion head game ignited by the part of you that is human. These are part of the human form content just like pleasure, happiness and gratitude. These all really mean nothing. We should stop spinning around in circles chasing our tail. We will never catch it. Perhaps it would be rewarding to stop and feel what is real. We are engulfed in everything that we are hoping and wanting to find. The portal to this awareness is through the human consciousness, unrestricted by the mental and emotional restrictions of our form.

Existing either as only a form species or from life consciousness is really about deciding. This one decision may initiate a long – term fulfillment and tranquility. The other condemns us to “believing” or “thinking” that we are unfulfilled, unsatisfied and unhappy.

Best wishes



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