Conscious Energy Focus Point

Life is energy. Object consciousness can be considered an awakening of this dimension. Mind produced energy can either be a friend or foe regarding our relationship to life energy. A person will either be aware of thoughts and emotions or not. This has a significant role in the interactions with oneself, the world around us, life and conscious energy.


It can be very empowering to realize that you have a direct influence on the unfolding of any given moment. The mind does not want to accept this acknowledgment but, with practice, it is possible. This can be done simply by being conscious of the field of energy beyond thoughts and emotions. However it does not mean that thoughts and emotions should nor can they be ignored or stopped. Hence it can be helpful to actually visualize a dimension of flowing energy. The frequency of this field can either be rerouted by your conscious state of being or “lack” of conscious being.

The manifestation of any given moment depends on “how” you interact with “it”. Do you interrelate to the moment itself, its content or both? A person’s answer will be based on whether this relationship to the now originates within the mind or from a conscious state. This can change everything.

Conscious Living Through Conscious Awareness

The focus point of your mind or conscious object energy (these are perhaps both the same) will decide everything that manifests. This is in reference to your level of self observation. This could be considered from a perspective of “self” the person and the one “self” or totality. Do we focus on the situation that occurs in any given moment or do we focus on how we see oneself in relation to the moment? There is a fine line between the two that should be considered.

A person that exists strictly from within the realm of mind will often be very restricted in daily activities and vulnerable to people and things. Therefore an unconscious mind can literally entrap us. It can result in a person believing that he or she is dependent on objects outside of the self. The opposite is true for a person that can focus on conscious energy as the catalyst for each moment. This can help someone to reorient him or herself and thereby remain, both mentally and consciously, within the energy flow of pure consciousness.


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