Consciousness Unites

Consciousness is generally considered to be in every life form that has a brain. There are others; including myself, that feel consciousness is a field in which all content and content forms are located. We are in consciousness. Consciousness is not in us. There are many possibilities in the awareness to the dimension of consciousness.

There is one feature of universal consciousness that many of us have experienced; possibly all of us. This is the feeling of bonding or uniting with other beings, the world around us and the universe. I refer to this as “consciousness melting process”. This refers to the human consciousness rejoining the universal consciousness at the level of oneness. The supposed separation between human consciousness and universal consciousness is only a head game. The mind plays this game with us repeatedly. The mind wants us to conform to this illusion of separation.

Consciousness melting is when you have the feeling of unity with another object form. The form is insignificant because in such a moment you are actually aware of the consciousness in another object and not the object itself. This is often described as a strange or magical feeling that suddenly overcomes a person. Usually a person is not aware enough to allow any acceptance to the actuality of this “magical” moment. We feel a connection but we don’t know to whom or what. Later it may reveal itself through an unexpected encounter or telephone call from someone that was suddenly there in this field of conscious perception. Most of these situations are defined as coincidence and disregarded as nothing significant. This “feeling” in that moment of united consciousness is however very significant. It is the reunion of human form collective consciousness with universal consciousness.
There is a life form evolutionary stage that was compatible with experiencing universal consciousness first-hand. This was possible due to minimum mind / thought interference.

Every form has an evolutionary stage during its development that complements the unity and expansion of form life consciousness. This could also be referred to as the evolutionary stage before the awakening of our self -awareness.  During this phase of development a life form has direct access to life consciousness without even being “aware” of it. It would be beneficial to remember that a life form manifests life; therefore the true essence of a living form is life. Then something happened. The human brain started to develop very quickly in terms of evolution. It is still not exactly clear why this happened. Furthermore why did it happen to our species? The human mind rapid development eventually succeeded in overwhelming the newly awakened self-consciousness.

The partnership between form object and life is the natural state of being. Life is continual; with or without the form. The form however can not “be” without life energy manifestation. Human consciousness reemerging with pure consciousness will open a realm of interaction possibilities. Form consciousness could communicate with itself through other living forms. It could also interface directly to life consciousness. Human beings would no longer define that strange feeling we occasionally become as coincidental. We would then understand that this magical feeling that occurs is clearly an indication of our conscious communication with someone or something from the dimension of oneness.

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