Corruption or Purity: You Decide

The mind overwhelms us with wants and demands. Moreover it has become a victim of its own demise; even in the desire to reach enlightenment. The mind is literally experiencing a corruption of its own making. The need for more is always in the background of our activities. This has become more than an evolutionary development factor.


You may first ask what this corruption is that I am writing about. It is a descent from living consciously to living according to a behaviorism resulting from conditioned patterns. The mind has become intellectual and we have developed a world of technology through its demand for more; together with a touch of creativity.

This may seem wonderful to many people however I always ask myself what this type of evolution and advancements in human intelligence will have on our relationship with the true self, nature and the universe. We could also say that this is the bond to ourselves; the one true self.

I feel that the price of advancing technology and our intelligence is too high if we sacrifice presence. This is the fundamental essence of our being. This state of presence, however, has become distracted by the corruption of the mind. This trend would suggest that we are living a lie and using superficialities, such as technology, materialistic objects and misguided thought intentions to define, to structure and to dominate our existence.

This corruption can cause us to stumble and, more so, become very misguided in our pursuits to achieve more. However any aspect of our daily activities can also offer a portal to deeper awareness and living consciously. The key is to remain focused on what is beyond all of these superficialities.

Corruption of the Mind: What Will You NOT Do?

The mind can construct a tale of events that seem so real and are very convincing. This is also evident in our wish to reach enlightenment. It would be beneficial to realize something and to truly understand this realization. You are enlightened; therefore you an enlightened being. Therefore it is not necessary for you to desire or want enlightenment. You are it. Anything other than this acknowledgment is a smoke screen that has been established due to the mind corruptions of our existence.

These distractions are existence structures that have been super-imposed into the unmanifested space of consciousness. They are not real. It is also not possible to know if the unmanifested space occupying this emptiness is real. What you have and experience is what you perceive. Therefore, it takes on a given reality. Does this sound too easy? It is actually easier. Furthermore, being presence is enough. Please practice this state of being in your daily interactions.

The key is in realizing and accepting that you are essentially presence. You are not anything that is occupying the space of any given moment. Thereby it would be possible to experience the tools and toys of our evolutionary development without losing touch with our essence. Additionally you will begin to reunite with this realm of emptiness and to understand that you are co-creating the composition that unfolds within presence. It is the universal song of life that is being created.

Best wishes


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