Cracker Jack Box: Life is the Prize

Cracker Jack is a copyright name that is probably known throughout the world. This is a snack food comprised of molasses-flavored popcorn with peanuts and caramel. It is very popular with kids due to the secret prize surprise in the box. I recently realized that this marketed snack portraits a conditional behavior that is typical in our search for enlightenment.

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jacks taste really good and this usually causes a person to want more. Additionally the hidden prize inside the box encourages a person to search further and further until he or she finds the surprise. We also usually expect to find something wonderful as a reward for buying the product and searching through the popcorn and peanuts.

Now let’s consider this behavior in regards to how we have been conditioned by the mind. We spend most of our existence searching for spiritual enlightenment without ever realizing that we already have it. This is similar to a Cracker Jack box with the popcorn, peanuts and prize inside.

The box label instantly causes a person to have expectations varying from the desire to eat something sweet to the ultimate goal of finding the secret surprise. Does this sound like something we do everyday in our search for answers to life and salvation? We have expectations. The Cracker Jack box is opened and the search for the prize begins. Usually it is the box label that has invoked a desire to get the snack. This is also true for the object content of our existence in life.

Cracker Jack: Life always Offers a Surprise

There are some individuals that will eat this snack slowly and enjoy each piece of popcorn and peanut. Still others will hurriedly eat the contents of the box without appreciating or consciously experiencing the essence. Additionally there are people who will tear open the box and fumble through the popcorn and peanuts until they find the prize. There are also individuals that do not want to eat the snack because they are only interested in the reward.

Can you see a parallel between this behavior and our search for enlightenment? There are naturally phases during a persons awakening to living consciously within the moment. This process may involve various sign posts and stepping stones useful in focusing on life and conscious living. However the content, in whatever form, should not distract us from knowing that we are already enlightened.

This awakening unfolds very similar to a caterpillar that was in essence always a beautiful butterfly. However, unlike human beings, the caterpillar does not search for its fundamental nature as butterfly. It simple does what is to be done and experiences everything within the now. You are also a beautiful butterfly of many shapes and colors that is floating through the endless space of conscious life energy. Experiencing the now and not the content of the moment is the key to awareness. Now is the time to ask yourself if you are ready to fly.

Best wishes to everyone

cracker jack

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