Crawling Anxieties: Why am I Afraid?

You become tense and fearful. Suddenly thoughts and emotions appear regarding something that has happened, could happen, or will happen. However the feeling of fear that you are experiencing is mostly an illusion. This results from the mind and its conditioned reactions to the vast array of memories and thought patterns. What has happened to you? A moment ago everything was wonderful. Somehow the crawling anxieties of the mind are overwhelming your state of conscious living.


It feels similar to realizing a huge threatening spider is crawling toward you. There are two reactions that general occur in such a situation. You are unable to comprehend anything or you feel panic and want to do one thing…run!

Can you recall experiencing such a phenomenon? It, referring back to something ominous crawling toward you, can interrupt your state of presence. Whereby the ability to be consciously aware was manipulated or restricted. The mind’s behavior generally initiates a sequence of reactions that occur unconsciously within a person’s state of being present in the moment.

I recently observed unnecessary thoughts and emotions crawling out of my mind and into the consciousness of presence. There had been something that I had needed to do that involved a situation that the mind had labeled as bad. I suddenly sensed, days before anything happened, something that Eckhart Tolle describes as the “pain-body” crawling toward me.

This experience, at first, truly felt as if a dark menacing spider was crawling into the space of the present moment. It seemed as if there was no conscious free will left for me within the frequency of the moment that was there now.

Anxieties Crawling Closer

I felt the thoughts and anxieties crawling closer and closer days before the situation actually occurred. Fortunately I reawakened from the illusion and awareness to this moment returned. This happened as I was vacuuming my apartment. (I love housework / cleaning.) I stood in the middle of my living room and spontaneously started to laugh. Thereby I realized that I was laughing for no “reason”. The “reason” naturally was because the mind no longer had control of the moment.

This realization allowed me to really let go and laugh until there were tears in my eyes. I then sensed something far beyond the thoughts and my surroundings. It assured me that no one or no thing can actually take this moment of conscious awareness away. It is always here and now. Therefore I (you) are always and “only” here and now. The crawling anxieties disappear and harmony with life will blossom.

Best wishes

P.S. The link is an exercise in conscious awakening and how to dissolve the pain body:
Pain Body


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