I wish to share a few line with you today about applying areas of creativity to your writing flow. The first determining factor concerning creativity is to be honest with your self. Every person has an element of creativity within him or her. Determining if one person has more or another person less is not needed. Let’s just say that every person has creativity.

Creativity Grows

The next significant factor would be how this creativity has blossomed in any given person. Every human form experience contributes to a wonderful storybook that each person creates for him or herself. A lack of awareness to the deterring side effects of our human life story is a discussion area for our Life Sanctuary blog section.

We could speak about this human life story dilemma in one of the upcoming Life Sanctuary blog articles.

For now let us just say that creativity is nurtured by the experiences of your human existence. This is wonderful from a writer’s viewpoint. The creative possibilities to be found in each person are endless due to this very fact. There is a down side however. These very same experiences may contaminate and restrict the creative blossoming in so many people. Any given person could be the next Stephen King. This could be possible if only the creative seed in that person would be found and cultivated. This; of course, does not occur in every person. That is why there are only a few such as Stephan King or George R. R. Martin.

Creativity and You

I recall reading one of Stephan King’s short stories in Readers Digest or some similar magazine during the 70s. I would say that there is one significant aspect to be noted when I look back on his writing style from this time period and now. He never stopped. He had a passion for expressing what he felt. Was this because he was born under a lucky star? Was he meant to be the chosen one, to be named king of the writer’s world? Probably not; then why is he so successful? It is his passion for writing. He may very well have a genuine need to express what he feels. This is true for any person that discovers the seed of creativity within.

The passion to express what you feel will be the igniting component in your writing exploration. The remaining necessities required for developing your writing Interests will fall into place. Writing style and flow, grammar, story line development, and story character’s are areas of writing. These can be learned when a person has a true desire to share what he or she feels concerning any given writing material. Furthermore, the degree of success in writing is actually determined by you. This is my personal view of writing success. The inspiration to achieve recognition and wealth through your writing endeavors should not overshadow your thriving passion simply to write and share.

Your success will be validated through honesty to your self, willingness to learn and change when needed, and your degree of determination. I frequently like to quote a passage from Pierre Simon Fournier’s 1764 typography manual: “After all the basic necessities of life, there is nothing more precious than books.”

Acknowledging your desire to write and expressing yourself through a written form is to experience fulfillment. Success can not be measure through this type of fulfillment.

Your written expressions are precious.

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