Creator of the Universe: The Big Bang and Back Again

Creator of the universe sounds like something from He-Man and the Master of the Universe. “I have the Power.” The He-Man cartoon has a catchy intro. It also is not far from the truth. You have the power to create the universe. This is a follow-up to the article on April 30th entitled “Nothingness, Everything and the Big Bang: You are the Creator of Your Reality”.

The power that we have has not been given to us by the sword of Grey Skull such as in He-Man. The power we have began with the Big Bang. I would like to present you with a Big Bang / Consciousness thesis. We are going to go deep into Alice’s rabbit hole to discuss this idea. Review the article from April 30th may be helpful before reading this article.

A possibility to consider relates to us, the Big Bang and the origin of consciousness. I have consciously observed the manifestation of many things. Actually; we witness manifestation every moment (The unfolding of the universe is happening in every second; we miss most of it. It appears that concentrating on something, thinking positive about it or believing in it will not necessarily guarantee a manifestation of any given object, situation or person. The common denominator appears to be in what occurs within the blink of an eye millisecond when consciousness is activated. This is to say that what we initiate in this first spark of form conscious energy results in how and if something will eventually manifest.

The fire of manifestation is ignited through a spark of consciousness energy. This is different from “thinking, believing or even desiring” for something to manifest. The energy “released” that causes this spark is pure. It is uncontaminated from any real processes that occur in the mind. This may be why there are many things that occur constantly. Whereby we are sure that what has manifested is not something that has been thought or desired. This is because the spark of initial manifestation had occurred strictly from the field of consciousness.

Creator of the Universe

It is not that thinking or desiring will not manifest something; if the process of thinking or desiring is uncontaminated. It is likely that the mind’s thinking, demanding and expecting will strengthen a frequency of complexity. This usually results in the creator becoming the created. We respond to multiple self-inflected frequencies of duality instead of the creator flourishing in a unified energy field. This may also be the reason for our constant search for a creator. We have become disoriented by the various frequencies that are omitted through this artificial state of mind-created duality. Thereby we become alienated from dimension of pure totality which is at the core of everything. We (conscious totality) create the universe; the universe does not create us.

You may be asking yourself “That is all fine and dandy; but what about the Big Bang?” Well the Big Bang is naturally a part of this manifestation. Manifestation would perhaps not even be possible without it. I wish to close this article with an insight concerning the Big Bang. I will expand (no pun intended) on the Big Bang insight in an upcoming article.

What if the Big Bang is actually related to this initial “consciousness spark” that I referred to above? What if this is how it all begin? Was the first energy spark uncontaminated from complexity? Science tells us that the universe expands in layers of complexity. I will continue this article in a follow-up soon.

The three minute video clip from Alan Watts shares insights about totality.

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