Creature Comforts: What Do You Really Need?

We have needs; especially when we are strictly speaking from the level of our existence. Creature comforts are labeled as something that accommodates physical or mental requirements in our existence. But ask yourself this question in complete honesty; what do you really need?


Creature comforts are wonderful. Furthermore, our evolution has been partially based on aspiring to provide ourselves with things that firstly contributed to our survival. The need for survival became less and less important as we replaced basic comforts with lavishness.

This was the beginning of the transition from basic creature comforts to unneeded luxuries. This, coincidentally, increased our need to want more and to expect more. Correspondingly, our intelligence developed and we constantly reached beyond established existence boundaries. This is fine from the standpoint of evolutionary development. However, it seems that we are running in circles instead of moving forward.

Creature Comforts or Excessive Luxuries

This is what I had experienced for many years. Although, I had assumed that I was going forward during this period. But actually I had only been turning in circles. I had established the creature comforts that are necessary for our existence. This, however, had apparently not been enough for me at that time. I now realize that the incentive to have more and do more was based solely on mind interpretations.

Behavior patterns had repeatedly overwhelmed me. The mind had told me what was needed to be happy and successful. However, we can use the following insight to illustrate our discussion.

Creature comforts are not absolutely necessary to experience happiness or success. However, a given level of happiness and success often determines the relationship that we have with the necessities of our existence.

These are based on a persons’ state of active consciousness. Furthermore, this state of experiencing will determine how you interact with your relationship to life. This insight may first appear illogical but eventually may provide a portal to living more consciously.

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