Cry a Tear While Loving Life

I have written this poem in dedication to the love between a woman and her child. It is written from the mother’s perspective. She and her daughter will soon be experiencing many abrupt changes. There are always memories involved in all experiences. The person I am written about is undergoing a transition that could prove to be very difficult if the memories can not be seen as a remembrance of given moments that have pasted. However these memories are images of the mind. They are only a real as a person chooses to allow. Therefore emotions occur that can cause a person to smile, laugh or cry.


Cry a Tear

I cry a tear today to remember and to forget.
The memories are rampant in a moment of change.
The emotions swell up and I become confused.
I am torn between laughter and sadness.
It seems every moment and feeling is being recaptured.

It is time for me to go and this I surely know.
The years here have offered life’s sweet kiss.
I have been gifted with a child.
Her presence is so endearing.
She is always there to share and to care.

Alas here I stand on the edge of the unknown.
There are memories to cherish and this is known.
Still there are others and it is best if I can let go.
Somewhere from deep within I know but the mind refuses.
There are some friends who are here.
They mean well and show that they care.

I feel the need to cry a tear and to be me now as I stand.

I have shown my daughter love and assure her with care.
She has become a friend and in truth there is no other so dear.
Yet there has been sadness that I have hidden.
I offer a smile to all that I greet and am happy to have met.
Although often there is a single tear that I cry on my cheek.

I brush this tear away unwilling to show the world my heavy heart.
I stand here now and know that it is soon time to depart.
The memories come and go, oh, what shall I do?
The mind plays its game but I am reluctant to obey.
It has somehow fooled me throughout the years.
Alas I hang my head as a single tear appears.

Here I stand as I embrace the now.
The feelings I have are both happy and sad.
I gaze at my daughter and smile as we go.
Then I glance behind me and yet again cry a tear.
However I know that I have let go as the tear appears.
This will be the last teardrop that is shed.
I know in my heart all that lies ahead.

Best wishes

P.S. The included video clip may be helpful to this person in expressing the love she shares with her child as they journey through life. I wish her and her daughter all the best.



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