Dance with the Trees

There are many people who are experiencing deeper awareness to conscious living. People tend to use different methods to obtain a portal to universal intelligence during the initial phase of this awakening process and even after it has began. There is a dance of life occurring in this moment and we usually miss it.

Life is actually dancing to our dance and we usually don’t understand that we have left the music playing but are not really listening. We are composing this dance through interaction with our being, our surroundings and life itself. The energy released from our mental or conscious state energizes a frequency. This, in turn, influences the field of life consciousness and manifests as the dancer of life.

Let’s consider a method that can be practiced to deepen our awareness to life energy and this dance. This can be done by observing a tree in silence. Every branch and leaf is moving to an energy flow that is beyond the mechanics of our mind. This is true even when the tree does not seem to be literally “moving”.

Dance of Life!

Therefore it is necessary for us to go beyond thoughts and emotions, thus we become truly aware of the dance that we are orchestrating in each moment. This is done through aware choices, which are not actually choices, but must be done in a state of true awareness to universal consciousness. The shift in your awareness from mind to conscious interaction with life will eventually happen without the need for you to choose.

The tree is there before you. Now breathe deeply and allow the tree to reach out to you. It is inviting you to lead the dance of life. Each limb and leaf is pulsating with conscious life energy. You decide the tempo and rhythm of the dance as the dancer eagerly waits to vibrate through your interaction with it.

Now take another conscious (not mental) step toward the tree. Experience the different shades of light and dark and colors as it responses to the music you give it. A slight breeze initiates a swaying ballet, whereby each twig and leaf has a part. You suddenly realize that you are also the breeze as it swirls through the tree. A bird glides and lands on a limb. It hops from branch to branch as the breeze blows. It becomes very clear that you are also this bird that shares the breeze and enjoys the tree as each becomes one.

This is your creation, it is not a dream. It is you. This is what you do through the dance that you share with life.


Best wishes

P.S. The above exercise can be done with everything in the universe. Enlightenment is acknowledged as you realize that the melody of life is your dance.



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