Deceit: The Mask We Wear

It has often been said that we wear many masks during our spiritual incarnation as a human being. There are probably many scientific, behavioral and moral ramifications used in attempts to clarify this phenomenon. However let’s not be consumed by mind details. In other words, we are literally wearing a mask of deceit.


Nevertheless, the mask of deceit worn by most people is complex in its nature. I am often astonished by the masquerade that is played out by everyone. Why is this done? Is it due to fear? Are we ashamed? These are two conditioned behavioral patterns that often cause us to hide our true nature; whatever that may be for each person.

There is, correspondingly, a tendency in human beings to purposely use deceit as a means to an end. This can be observed in everything from playing cards to negotiating a million dollar financial deal. However let’s be honest with ourselves. We feel the burden that is cast onto us through the shadow of the mask we wear. It is always there in the background of each moment.

A Mind Game Called Deceit

It never really feels natural and it always causes tension at some level; depending on the situation. Therefore it would be very beneficial, for our mental and conscious expansion, when we would be willing to take off this mask. That sounds easy; doesn’t it? However the characters of deceit that we act out each day have become who we are due to the mind and lack of true awareness.

We are usually never consciously awakened during our activities and it is therefore difficult to see the mask of deceit being worn in that moment. Moreover, we might ponder, what would happen to our state of being if everyone was able to live without hiding behind a disguise? I personally visualize the beginning of paradise. This is because it would remove many obstacles that restrict the flow of both object and universal energy.

Please do not confuse my use of the word paradise with its contemporary definition. I am referring to a state of existence that would be on a one to one basis with itself, the universe and life. The factors mostly contributing to this pattern of deceit such as anxiety, fear, shame, wants and demands would fade away. It would initiate a domino effect that would reveal, what would appear, as more and more conscious space.

The universe would shine with new rays of life energy as it becomes more aware of itself through our expanding conscious awakening. This is one possible next step in our evolution. What will you choose?

Best wishes


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