Decision: You call it Love

How often do you think about love? There is no actual research to verify how often this occurs but it is probably more than we realize. However there is an interesting aspect to this question that can be considered in terms of active conscious awareness. A decision is made in each moment. Let’s reword the question. How often do you decide to love?


A decision over any aspect of our existence has a direct influence on our state of being. Any applied decision is then the focus point of our brain energy and emotions that usually initiates motivation and further stimuli. Love is not simply an emotional aspect of our human nature. It is a decision that only you can acknowledge and uphold.

Naturally the emotional side of a relationship is vital to produce the essential stimulus between two people but in the end it is a decision. The brain processes between 50.000 and 70.000 thoughts each day. The brain and body are more closely knit than many people are aware. A chain reaction occurs each moment. The part of you that is universal has become docile and is dominated by conditioned behavior. Therefore you overlook the significance of a single decision that should be made from a level of higher consciousness. We are generally not aware of this field of universal consciousness.

I can only estimate but let’s say that in any given hour you will have 1000 thought impulses. You will focus on perhaps only 10 of these according to emotions, motivation and stimuli. Additionally any given thought is often repeated continuously depending on your state of conscious awareness. These two factors, aware consciousness and a decision (any decision), should ideally harmonize hand in hand throughout our existence.

Life and Love: It is Your Decision!

Unfortunately this is not how a situation usually unfolds due to lack of presence. We are usually everywhere but here in this moment, mentally speaking. Thus this significantly influences our conscious state of being. We have not as yet established the possibilities of experiencing a state of consciousness without the mind. But we still do not know in certainty that the mind is needed to be conscious.

Do you want to be in love and stay in love? It is your decision. This does not mean that you decide to be in love but can or cannot find someone to be in love with. Rather this simply means being aware that love and life are always there and you decide how each will be experienced. How do you wish to love and how do you wish to live? You decide, and not people or situations.

Best wishes

P.S. The link below is an article relating to decision making.

There is an Alan Watts video in the spiritual Videos section of the website if you would like to listen to insight about going beyond the mind during everyday activities. Here is the link:



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