Declaration of Consciousness

Most people are familiar with the Declaration of Independence. The citizens of this new land had wanted to proclaim their freedom. Humankind is entering a new era of consciousness. It is now possible for us to proclaim our own personal declaration of independence that will free us from the restrictions placed on us by the mind.


We have spent thousands of years existing according to the whims of the mind. The mind has been conditioned though experiences that have been dominated by thoughts, emotions and the ego. We have felt the need for freedom but have not been able to establish a clear declaration of conscious awareness. We are awakening more and more to a conscious reality that is usually hidden by a veil of mind illusions.

Now, through active awareness, we can proclaim our independence from the mind. How?  This can be done by consciously speaking with the mind (awareness) and offering it a declaration of liberty. The mind can be very useful in experiencing consciousness when it is the student and not the master. There is no way to truly define or explain consciousness but it manifests through and around all objects.

Declaration of Unity

A declaration of active consciousness can reestablish a balance between mind and consciousness. It can be helpful in maintaining awareness to the minds activities. The liberation from the mind can stimulate conscious expansion on the level of individual and collective life-form consciousness. This will automatically release more conscious life energy that will widen the portal between our state of consciousness and universal consciousness. The “supposed” two will become one.


The portal that has been constructed is only a figment of the mind; through illusions. There is no real difference between a life-forms consciousness and universal consciousness; other than what the mind has created. The mind insists on separation instead of unification.

The life energy released through each persons declaration of consciousness can and will ripple throughout all objects perhaps similar to The Butterfly Effect. This energy is of a conscious nature such as Eckhart Tolle’s quote “Become conscious of being conscious”.  Universal consciousness experiences more and more of itself each time a life-form becomes more actively conscious of the self beyond the mind.

Best wishes

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