Dedication Page

The Dedication Page will be discontinued until a later date. The Dedication Page was designed to give acknowledgement to known and unknown individuals and groups in areas of spirituality/humanitarian and writing. My wish was / is to dedicate a webpage to these individuals on a monthly basis. Unfortunately I started the Dedication Page before I had enough readers/visitors on the website.

I spent a few days considering a course of action. The most appropriate action is to discontinue the Dedication Page until such a time when the volume of readers/visitors has increased. I have received good feedback from a few people who have viewed the Dedication Page. I look forward to reopening the Dedication Page in the near future.

The Page content consists of:

Bio of person being honored, short introduction from this person, Short essay on a given area of spirituality or writing from person and a short inspirational section for the readers from person. The Page will also have pictures and or links form the honored person.

I would be thrilled to honor someone that you are interested in learning more about. This could be an author, a spiritual teacher or areas of humanity. You could choose someone that you know or someone that you have heard or read about. I would also like to honor people that you may know who are involved in one of the above areas. It would be great to receive feedback from you. I will be contacting well-known authors and spiritual teachers in an attempt to express an interest in honoring this person. Hopefully the Dedication Page will be returning soon.

Best wishes


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