Deliberate Action is a Path to Living Consciously

There are more and more people becoming aware of life and living in the now. Deliberate action is a practical path that offers awareness to the present moment. Our awareness is often manipulated and being conscious suffers because thoughts and emotions dominate our existence.


This is a state of conditioned behavior that has resulted over the course of our evolution. It has become imprinted in the structure of our personal and collective reactions to what we experience. Is this behavior deliberate? Here we should say no because our decisions and reactions are usually not deliberate; they are conditioned.

The internet dictionary offers a clear explanation for the word deliberate. This is an action that is done consciously and intentionally. Furthermore offers additional references to practicing deliberate actions in our daily activities. One such reference states that deliberate is considered an action that is done:

Leisurely and steady in movement or action; slow and even; unhurried moving with a deliberate step.

Within and beyond these words lies a useful tool for us during the process of awakening to conscious living. This method is often termed deliberate practice and offers a constant portal to universal consciousness. How do we become truly deliberate in daily interactions with the mind, people, the world, the universe and life? (Did I forget anyone or anything?) This is best done by simply doing it and being intentional and conscious as the word itself implies.

It does however take practice and this can not be avoided if you wish to free self-consciousness from the mind and mind-made structures of our existence. Then it will be possible to become intensively aware of what lies beyond the human self but is actually the true essence of the one self.

Deliberate Practice Offers Blissful Serenity

I have developed a deliberate practice to obtain a present state awareness of the moment. This is done by turning off the structural mind content of the now. This process is similar to a switch that is turned from “off” to “on”. I have written off to on because this can be considered turning the darkness of conditioned behavior into an experience of light that radiates present moment awareness.

It is then possible to know that there are mind created thoughts, emotions and objects in your surroundings but they do not reduce your awareness of the moment itself. This process could be considered prioritizing your state of existing as a human being.

This will allow you to observe and realize that you are the moment itself that is unfolding but not specifically any given thought or object. Therefore you become untangled from the mind and experience a harmonious conscious interaction with universal intelligence. You will become very aware of a spacious serenity in many different situations that can best be described as free-falling bliss.

Best wishes

P.S. This link offers ideas about our thoughts, emotions and living in the now.
Psychology Today


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