Demanding Mind Fabrications

We are always demanding something from life. Our behavior also indicates that we are always fighting life. We often become very upset with ourselves, others and the world, when we don’t get what we want. Furthermore we blame anyone and everyone when we fail to reach a goal or when we don’t obtain something of this world. However the we what I am referring to is a fabrication of the mind and not the true self.

The mind convinces us that we should get what it tells us is needed to be satisfied or happy. Additionally it assures us that happiness and peace will be fulfilled once we have obtained something. However the mind also insists that something or someone is to blame if we do not get what we want or desire.

A person will usually become very perplexed due the behavior and thoughts of the mind. There is always this relentless wanting and demanding. Then why don’t we respond to what life really has to offer us? It is constantly giving us directional signposts. These signposts are both personal and collective. These directional finders are in accordance with the universe, our true desire and are not mind created.

It may be surprising to know that what the universe wishes to give us is truth. However the word truth should not be used as a label or misinterpreted. The combined object and universe energy will usually give you what you desired. Therefore it may be in the form of good or bad, when seen strictly from thoughts and emotions, but it is truth. We believe again and again that we control our destiny.

Furthermore the mind is always demanding that we find this supposed future. We are just fooling ourselves by listening to these thoughts. There is no universal destiny. It is true that we can set goals and work toward them. Many times, it appears that we are able to reach a certain goal or desire. This is, however, not a preordained destiny.

These are things that happen on the level of form. Moreover does this really mean that we made it happen? The manifestation of anything in our existence results from a harmonious interaction with life energy. The demanding energy that is strictly mind-based, no matter how positive or negative is not a guarantee or non-guarantee that we will get what we desire. The mind will tell us a different story and expects us to believe that it is solely responsible for the manifestation of things in our existence.

Demanding Something is a mind Game

The mind and its conditioned behavior and thoughts may appeal to people living only from the level of human form. We are usually not aware enough to understand that the manifestation of anything in our existence or the universe is far beyond the mind. The things we do obtain in this existence are those things that belong to us. We are not truly responsible for getting these things because they have always belonged to us. The minds activities, however, cause us to believe that this is true. The universal intelligence has unlimited treasures for each of us. The problem is that we usually don’t recognize these gifts. We are always busy trying to get what the mind is demanding and expecting. Thereby we overlook what is already there.

However is it possible that we receive everything in response to the object energy that is released and intertwined with universal energy? The mind “reacts” to these manifestations and often does this in a chaotic manner. Consciousness, on the other hand, “responds” to the unfolding of now with a sense of awakened awareness. This is something for us to consider and could change how we observe the mind and our state of actual consciousness.

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