Depression, Repression and the Act of Thinking

The world is suffering from a state of global depression. A recent email from someone made me consider depression reflectively. There are the medical aspects of depression to consider. Various biological factors can cause a person to remain in a continual state of depression. There is also a form of depression that is equally or more so likely to appear in any given persons existence. This is a form of depression that undermines an individual’s identity. This occurs because situations and people seem to always be influencing us. These influences can be very strong and overwhelming. This can easily cause a person to lose him or herself thereby.

We allow situations to influence who we “think” we are in any given moment. We are lost once we “think” that a given situation or person defines our state of being. Another person or situation never defines how you exist in life. This is something that only you can do. Take for example a person that experienced an accident that has caused bodily harm. The ailment or injury is real. There is perhaps pain. Are YOU the pain in that moment? No; of course not. The pain is a strictly body / form condition.

This is where life consciousness awareness can be beneficial. The human consciousness is quite developed but not enough to remain aware of our existence essence. The human being is still combating too many evolutionary developments such as intelligence (supposed intelligence that has only been validated by our own standards), emotions and conditioning. That is why we easily fall prey to the influences of people and situations.

There are countless examples of such influences. They seem to have a valid cause and effect reaction on our state of being. Why? Because we “think” that these encounters have control over our existence. A person without any true awareness of life consciousness will repeatedly submit to the demands brought on by a person or situation. The lack of unawareness will cause a person to remain in a state of limbo regarding our existence experiences. A person would rather stick his or her head under the blanket when it is raining. A person has vacation and the weather is bad. How does this person generally react? Here are some examples. “How can this happen? I have vacation.

Depression and Consciousness

The weather should be nice; not cloudy and bad. What does “God” have against me? What did I do to desire this?” On and on it goes. This behavior forces separation from the natural dimension of life consciousness and the field of oneness. This is of course only a head game that we play on ourselves and the universe but it seems very real to an unaware person.  How can we or any living object actually separate itself from life?

It is quite absurd to “think” that we can separate ourselves from life but this is the game that we continue to play. Our interpretations, beliefs and behavior show that we are convinced to be something separate from life consciousness. A form of repression remains in the background of our existence because of our self-imposed / self-injected separation from life. The roots of depression may very well be caused for this reason.

Depression has infested the world of humankind due to a misunderstanding of self. We have been going in circles for thousands of years. Our species consciousness has been experiencing a type of repression for a very long time. Thus the human consciousness vibrations we emit do not truly enhance the dimension of life consciousness. Sadly the dimension of oneness suffers consciously because of it.

Best wishes on everyone



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