Difficult: How can I Complicate Everything?

Our existence and the universe appear very difficult when a person is not consciously aware of the now. The mind gives you information and details that seem to make everything more difficult. Is what we experience each moment really that complicated?

The mind will tell you yes, it is all very difficult if this is what you wish to hear. It would be okay to put it differently by writing that the mind will do what you want. This means that it can and will dominate your existence if you are unaware. Consequently it will repeat a thought again and again if you focus on it and believe that it is happening to you now. The mind will also give you a memory of the past or notion about the future and what could or should happen. It will tell you that this is real.

However the mind becomes a respectful partner when a person is aware and living consciously beyond the framework of the mind. A conscious observation of the minds activities in reference to existing in the moment changes complexity into simplicity. A difficult experience suddenly reveals itself as a calm open dimension of unmanifested possibilities.

Therefore it would be incorrect to say that the mind is responsible for making our existence difficult. Furthermore there is no person or thing accountable for the complexity in any situation. Complications are mind-made and generally an illusion. It would be spiritually beneficial to observe the observer and realize that these are actually one entity. Jiddu Krishnamurti offered this insight relating to the observed and the observer during a public talk in 1946.

Questioner: Is there any difference between awareness and that of which we are aware? Is the observer different from his thoughts?

Jiddu Krishnamurti: The observer and the observed are one; the thinker and his thoughts are one. To experience the thinker and his thought as one is very arduous for the thinker is ever taking shelter behind his thought; he separates himself from his thoughts to safeguard himself, to give himself continuity, permanency; he modifies or changes his thoughts, but he remains. This pursuit of thought apart from himself, this changing, transforming it leads to illusion. The thinker is his thought; the thinker and his thoughts are not two separate processes.

Becoming can never transform itself into Being. Becoming, the expansive and enclosing activity of the self, must cease; then there is Being. This Being cannot be thought about, cannot be imagined; the very thought about it is a hindrance; all that thought can do is to be aware of its own complex and subtle becoming, its own cunning intelligence and will. Through self-knowledge there comes right thinking which is the foundation for right meditation. Meditation should not be confused with prayer. Supplicatory prayer does not lead to supreme wisdom for it ever maintains the division between self and the Other.

In silence, in supreme tranquillity when the restless activity of memory has ceased, there is the Immeasurable, the Eternal.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ojai California 6th Public Talk 1946

Live Consciously and Nothing is Difficult

Moreover it is essential for our conscious evolution to recognize that there is life energy manifesting through all objects. This flowing frequency has not been established to make our existence more or less difficult. However awareness of it can allow mind-made confusion and darkness to be liberated as the light of life.

Furthermore conscious awareness to this universal radiance allows the true light of divine oneness to shine through all objects. Likewise you will acknowledge eternity through active presence in the now of each moment. Thereupon divinity is not interpreted or defined as godlike. Rather it is experienced as an unmanifested energy field that expands as universal consciousness through your active awareness.

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