Dissatisfaction vs. Unhappiness

Is there a difference between Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness? Is there even such a thing as dissatisfaction or unhappiness? I feel that we humans prefer to always find distinctions and opposites in most areas of our existence. This is not really an answer but it is a signpost. The mental responses to our existence would appear to generate “dissatisfied”. The dissatisfaction originates in an existence restlessness cycle. Our evolution has given us many species attributes. We have an advanced creative intelligence (supposedly). Human beings have emotions; but we feel, interpret and mentally respond to these emotions. All creatures great and small have emotions; but only human beings interpret our emotions. We need; often demand, to know the why’s and how’s involved.


Our mental activities (responses to thoughts, situations and people) are often fueled by our emotions. It has developed into a vicious repetitive cycle. Subsequently are human consciousness has developed through a series of leaps and bounds over the millenniums. We often take one step forward and two back; consciously speaking. These human mental and conscious developments have caused a behavior pattern which has flourished throughout our evolution. It is the need to search; the need to have something, that has a great amount of dissatisfaction in our content induced existence.

The ramifications are so severe that we have no real active bond with our form consciousness. We “know” of it; but we just don’t seem to be able to actively associate with it. The human consciousness is the open door to life consciousness. If you are not aware of this door it is obvious that we won’t find it. Many of us “accidentally” stumble onto this portal in rare occasions of silence or oneness with life.

Dissatisfaction Is a Head Game

This moment occurs usually without us understanding or feeling the doorway that we passed through. Needless to say, we feel the blissfulness of life in such a random moment; but we are not usually able to accept and allow a continual bonding to occur. The bonding is also really a head game caused by the mental chatter in our brain. The human consciousness is no more and no less the one consciousness. The separation is only a mental illusion.

We remain separated, Perplexed and misguided by the mentally created structures of the brain. This can have a detrimental affect on our consciousness; thus also causing a continual state of dissatisfaction. On and on it goes; and truly where it will stop…nobody knows. Or do we? Can we literally change the tides? The obvious is usually always what we sense or experience as being very real. This is usually because the “obvious” originates from a feeling that is within the inert space of life.

Now we may ask if there is a difference between dissatisfaction and unhappiness. What is real unhappiness? I will be posting a continuation of this article in which we will reflect on unhappiness in our existence. Are we fooling ourselves? Furthermore, is there really such a thing as unhappiness?

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