Searching to find what you already have can perhaps be summed up in one word; DISSATISFACTION. Dissatisfaction is an integrated element of all human content structures. It may not be openly apparent but our evolutionary development has interwoven a dissatisfaction mechanism into our existence. Therefore we practically thrive on being dissatisfied. These tendencies are also reflected in personal and social behavior. Businesses, Groups and institutions want us to be dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction can be found in various aspects of our existence. I have a strong hunch that dissatisfaction even plays a role in the conduct of science and religious faiths. Dissatisfaction can be viewed from many different levels and perspectives. Some of which are harmless while others are extremely toxic to our form consciousness development.


What might be the root of all this evil? The classical story of Adam and Eve may be a typical example of dissatisfaction. “Others will hold to the belief that the story reflects obeying God and the difference between good and evil.” Every person should hold true to what he or she feels is correct. I am curious if it was temptation that caused Eve and then Adam to eat the forbidden fruit; or was it dissatisfaction. They were; according to the story, in a heavenly paradise. What more could any human desire? Paradise is surely enough for us… isn’t it? I did some research on this story.

Here is an interesting article concerning the story of Adam and Eve.


Lets go back to our discussion. We appear to be constantly searching for something. Do you feel it in this moment? Do you sense this distraction in you; however faint it sometimes may be. The core of this may have originated due to the awakening of our species consciousness and parallel with the development of mental behavior and its influence on our state of form consciousness. The demanding need to find “something” may occur because our human consciousness desires fulfillment. This fulfillment may be possible within the sanctity of universal consciousness. We are perhaps simply being guided by the dimension of life which is always within our reach due to our level of consciousness. It is our true essence.

Beyond Dissatisfaction

The difficulty in reaching (becoming aware of) this life consciousness portal arises repeatedly when we become confused and lost in the restricted illusion of our mental manipulations. Then we “think” that we can fill the self-made separation from life with content objects and beliefs. Isn’t that what gives businesses, institutions (science and religion), groups and individuals the supremacy to restrict and manipulate us? It is always our choice; but far too often the influences of our mental abstractions dominate our existence. Deep down we feel that our existence is complete. However we can not accept that we are experiencing everything possible in every moment of our existence.

Science and religion are notorious for manipulating our form consciousness with content based facts, mostly invalidated stories and insubstantial beliefs and belief structures. However none of which actually benefit any real conscious growth. The restrictions placed on our consciousness are often too much to handle. The mental aspects and influences of our form compel us to continually search for that which we already have. Our form consciousness is the catalyst by which universal consciousness may blossom and thrive in our existence.

This will never happen on a universal scale if we continue to “think” or “belief” that we must find something that has never been lost.


Best wishes to everyone

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