Dissolved Away and Became Nothing

Have you ever wished that you would be dissolved from your mental and physical human attributes? What would remain if you suddenly realized that you are not your thoughts or even your body? What are you if there is no longer an attachment to mind or body?


I recently observed universal enlightenment after an experience whereby the mind had been dominating any conscious awareness to the present moment. I had difficulty remaining consciously aware due to repetitive thoughts about a situation that had happened on the previous day. Everything that had seemed to dominate the now literally dissolved away as I once again became aware of the simple act of being present in the now.

It was amazing to feel the spaciousness that seemed to flow in and around me. It felt like a waterfall of energy cascading and engulfing the present moment. The so-called problems that the mind had insisted were threatening dissolved away as I spontaneously became aware of nothing.

This may sound impossible but I can assure you it is possible to become nothing. Furthermore it is probable that with practice you will be able to go beyond the mind and realize that you are everything. The human structure patterns that have dissolved away will also not return as often.

Dissolved Away the Existence Illusion

The mind is very likely bombarding you with thoughts as you read this article. It insists that it is important to be something, anything but there is no way that you can become nothing. This is inconceivable for the mind and it will do anything to manipulate or restrict conscious awareness to the dimension of presence.

I was amazed by the sudden space and freedom I felt as the thoughts, anxiety and fear caused by the mind dissolved away. I experienced an oasis of stillness instead of the congested worn out thought patterns. The non-attachment that I observed allowed all things around and within me to fade away. Thus I was experiencing nothingness and totality in the presence of now. It was possible to acknowledge the mind and then go beyond it by realizing the insignificance of its thoughts in that moment.

Nothing is ever truly how the mind insists it is and our daily practice is to observe the mind for what it is and not what it tells us. Then it will be possible to exist in that mysterious dimension beyond mind and body that nurtures consciousness.

Best wishes


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