Divine Presence or Servitude?

Are you still searching for enlightenment? Why look for something that you have already? The acknowledgement, structure and outcome of each moment are based on each person’s state of actual awareness. Every person can experience divine presence, moreover it is there whether we are aware of it or not. Awareness to it allows it to manifest freely; however mind denial of it causes unbalance in our existence.

However many factors of our evolution have cast us into servitude. We are serving a mind that is merciless when left unchecked. The internet dictionary offers us this clarification in regard to servitude.


– The state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
Synonyms: slavery, enslavement, bondage, subjugation, subjection, domination; historical serfdom
“Born into a life of servitude”
Antonyms: liberty

Furthermore the dictionary Merriam Webster suggests that servitude is:

“A condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one’s course of action or way of life.”

You may be asking yourself how this relates to a divine state of being. The statement divine presence should not be confused with the traditional references to a specific religion or a given deity. Divine presence is naturally also associated with spirituality although we should remember that any given word is never it. We can simply say that it is a present state of being. This will help to avoid misconceptions. Here, in a state of aware presence, is how a person can determine whether he or she is living consciously or only living to serve the mind.

The mind reacts very strongly against this word. Servitude may sound very harsh but reflect on this in a moment of silence. You may ascertain that we are actually slaves to the conditioned behavior patterns resulting from mind activity and energy output. Moreover the divine state of living and experiencing awareness to the present moment is overshadowed by thoughts and emotions.

A person will experience less and less confusion and anxiety as a result of more conscious awareness. However it can change in a single moment of acknowledgment to presence. This will unfold when we are truly aware that everything that is, was, and every will be exists now because it can not be any other way; regardless of what the mind insists and demands us to believe.

Present moment awareness allows the natural flow of life energy to manifest. A state of total presence allows divinity to manifest.

Best wishes



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