How do Humans Manifest the Universe?

Do human beings manifest the universe that we are experiencing? We and basically all objects manifest life energy. Human form consciousness can either unite with life energy or allow the mind to insist on being separate from it. All objects have this potential. This manifestation occurs on a subliminal level, which means that it occurs on a level that is closely connected to the oneness of life. This is difficult to put into words because words just define things for us. The universal consciousness is something that can’t truly be put into words. We can call it a energy frequency; for lack of a better words.

We are never near or far from our true nature. We do not need to question life. This is what religion and science would have us believe must be done. In actuality, every living being manifests the truth; everything has life energy in it. The human form has it. We have also acquired self-awareness. The truth is already known.

Now let us shortly consider belief systems. This also includes our belief in Gods and Demons. These belief systems could very well be restricting the awakening of pure awareness. This has been happening throughout humankind’s history. It seems that we manifest a world of illusions. Our birth, existence and death may not be what we believe. However, we unknowingly manifest what we believe and think. Therefore; awareness allows change.

Manifest Your Existence

There are many examples of events happening throughout evolution. These have often been considered a miracle in the eyes of man. Sadly, we generally ignore the fact that every moment is a miracle. More so this one true moment is endless. There is one moment in life. We could say this in another way.

We have all heard that there is only the now. There is nothing more and nothing less in life. There is only this one moment; the now. It is called presence. This is as accurate as the human mind can be when discussing the totality of life.

The universal consciousness may be described as something within you. It is something that is very powerful and at the same time “at peace” with itself. This is something that each of us feels or has felt during a moment of aware presence. Unfortunately, we can’t really grasp the one true consciousness from the level of human consciousness. It seems almost impossible to remain aware of this energy field. This energy has engulfed our form. This dimension can nurture our state of being; if we allow it.

Manifest Oneness

The ego does its best to keep awareness to true consciousness at a minimum or block it completely through drama that is ignited in our thought patterns. There are many situations where we feel the presence of something true. But we tend to dismiss this feeling; due to the demands placed on us by thoughts. Additionally these ego-generated thought patterns form a mentally constructed drama of what life is supposedly about.

We run away from this state of awareness because it conflicts with almost all that we have been conditioned to believe about our human existence. Furthermore we may say that the ego-inflected fear of “something” closes the door to the reality and truth about universal oneness. It can be discouraging to experience such a moment when our awareness is tuned into this oneness but then is quickly lost due to the minds dominance.

The ego is a man-made construct. It can be a personal and global monster. Human beings are not truly aware of the ego’s dominance over our existence. However it is constantly overshadowing us.

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