Does Anything really matter?

This is a follow-up article to “Purpose of our Existence”. A somewhat intriguing question “Does anything really matter?” A truly controversial debate could arise from this one simple sentence. I do not wish to initiate such a debate. These articles are not written for such a “purpose”. (Just a little pun intended to remind us “There is no true human existence purpose”) coincidentally nothing in our human existence truly matters.


I understand that this will cause some people to rise up and demand justice. “Of course what we human beings do is important…it matters. This discussion may be very controversial for many of us; as I mentioned above. I recall a barbecue / grill party. We sat together on a round table after finishing our BBQ. The group was soon engulfed in conversations about topics of human existence. We discussed areas of science and religion. A few; one person in particular, was skeptical concerning aspects in topics related to our existence. We were fortunate to have two priests with us that evening. The conversation gradually centered on “Purpose”. We considered topics relating to the very title of this article during our discussion. Does anything we do really matter?

Most of the people sitting at our table were in agreement. The mutual agreement was that there are two perspectives that should be considered in our existence in relation to “purpose”. One perspective is awareness of the practical usage of the word “purpose” in our daily activities. The second perspective involves entering the portal of pure life dimension; with less emphasis on the influences of human mind and human consciousness. The person who had showed skepticism in so many of the conversations becomes more alert and slightly perplexed. I then said the one thing that this person did not wish to confront. I addressed this person directly with the statement. “We have been playing a game of illusions with ourselves in regard to our existence at the level of human form. I continued with “There is no true significance to any of our daily human activities. “What we do is really unimportant” I ended with the sentence; “whatever we do does not matter.” I had simply stated the obvious when viewed from the dimension of life.

The person mentioned above became irritable; slapping her fist on the table. She then said that she can not accept hearing that her activities; job, home, and family are meaningless and without purpose. We could deduce that this person was / is anchored securely in the content structures of humankind. I was surprised to hear both priests agree with the fundamentals on which I based my statements. They also added that the bible teachings referring to “purpose in life” can be quite “misleading”. Later in the conversation I could feel a slight acceptance radiating from the person that; hours before, did not want to consider any of the above topics.

What are your feelings concerning existence purpose in life? Would you agree that we should keep it “simple”? There are practical aspects to having a purpose throughout your form existence. These are countless; more importantly they are only superficial and without true depth or clarity concerning life. These are all part of our human content delusion.

Now the clincher… I feel that there may be one true “lets use the word fulfillment instead of purpose” to our existence. This would be to acknowledge and accept the human form consciousness as a derivative of universal consciousness. The awareness and acceptance of universal intelligence will thus reunite our species state of consciousness with the oneness of life. Then we could exist peacefully with the knowledge that nothing really matters because there is no true human existence purpose that must be found. In that same instant we may finally understand that we are “”nothing” and equally we are “everything”.

Best wishes

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