Does Awareness of Consciousness Equal Freedom? – Part Two

This is a continuation of the Blog / Post from August 9th. We were reflecting on the mind, consciousness and freedom (spiritual) in our existence. The mind; a “random ideas and images generator” is often on automatic pilot. This is evident when we consider humankind and its evolution.


The person that had sent me the message with questions relating to the above topics offered a good hypothesis. I wish to once again thank him for such an interesting message. His message consisted of mainly three topics. He asked me to consider these three and; if possible, give ideas about them. The three topics are the mind; relating to “random ideas and images generator”. The second is a state of bliss that allows freedom without wants or needs. The third is the automatism relating to the mind and our senses (emotions). He and we are basically interested in determining if it is possible to achieve true freedom from mind, emotions and body.

His argument is that it is very difficult, perhaps impossible to experience bliss / full consciousness (freedom) due to the mind, emotions and conditioning of our species.

Firstly when we speak of spiritual freedom (bliss) we are referring to a word created to express a state of existence that is the most appealing to us. Bliss will probably mean different things for many different people. Let’s find a common ground in our reference to “bliss”. This is the definition that Google offered:

Bliss: Noun

  1. Perfect happiness; great joy.

“She gave a sigh of bliss”

Synonyms: joy, happiness, pleasure, delight, ecstasy, elation, rapture, euphoria

Let us substitute the word bliss with the word freedom (Freedom is not in the list of synonyms, I wonder why?). Now we still have the mostly automatic responses generated by the mind and body; Thinking, eating, running, breathing reproduction etc. These have helped our species to survive over hundreds of thousands of years. We are stuck between an inherent consciousness and the mind and body development of our species. This is our current dilemma. We know that bliss or ecstasy is possible through aware consciousness. We feel the urge to find spiritual freedom, even if this urge is still only quite faint in many people.

This is why many of the individual and social outlets (religion, beliefs, and science) have been used and reused by our species. Everywhere it is “people searching for freedom”.

It would be great to hear what you feel about the topics above. I will continue this discussion in part three of this article.

Best wishes


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