Does Awareness of Consciousness Equal Freedom?

I received a message from someone regarding mind, consciousness and freedom. I wish to thank this person for the fascinating questions and insight concerning these topics. I felt something being released in my consciousness as I read the message. I corresponded with this person asking permission to discuss the questions that were asked within his message. There is so much quality within his message. I may need to do a two or three part Blog / Post in order to properly discussion his ideas and questions.


He used a wonderful term in reference to the human mind and how it functions. I would like to quote this term “random ideas and images generator”. This is truly an interesting interpretation of the brains processes and functions. It truly appears as if the mind does indeed generate countless ideas and images. Here it is significant to view the correlation between the mind and what we refer to as consciousness.

The mind is a fascinating organ. It is “still” capable of feats that the best computer can’t accomplish. When we look at the mind in this way we can best visualize the term above; a “random ideas and images generator”. I do not feel that we should discuss the development of the brain in detail. The brain can witness, save and recall experiences from within the framework of our individual and collective existence and beyond.

Freedom of the Mind

These memories are all there to be practically “experienced” again and again. The mind-made projections take on the feel or appearance of being “random”. This is where awareness of what it all represents is important in developing “space” or “freedom” within our content existence. The thousand, upon thousand ideas and images in the mind are and will always be there. It is not possible to cleanly erase or shut them off. Awareness of actual consciousness can however allow us to “learn”, “feel” and eventually “know” that most of these “random” thoughts and images are unnecessary. It would be wonderful if we could somehow clean out the vast amount of counter-productive information that is stored in our brain. This might allow a more efficient development of human form consciousness.

This “freedom” would very likely result after the release of such restrictive and manipulative mind (ego, emotional, conditional) patterns. The key to unlock the portal to freedom (life) lies in being aware of the uselessness of most of these mind patterns. This does not mean that the mind patterns and functions are to be ignored. It simply suggests that we should “feel” our existence from the level of awareness to what “is”. The mind will continue to do what it has always done. It will do this with or without us responding or interpreting what it does.

There is a fine line between “mind” and “consciousness”. It is significant that human beings recalibrate behavioral responses in our existence. The functions of the mind will always be there. These are crucial for the continual development of our species.

Freedom within the dimension of (consciousness) will transcend “mind” when we have reawakened to the potential of experiencing the moment.

Best wishes

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